Monday, 31 December 2012

What Was In My Christmas Stocking 2012

So a really late post i've been so busy with work lately and this is my first bit of spare time! Instead of doing a Christmas haul i decided i would just show what was in my stocking this year.
Stockings are a tradition in my house which we all get left on our beds on christmas eve to open first thing in the morning they are usually just filled with little fun gifts, i absolutely love mine me and my sister agree it wouldn't be Christmas without them! 

First of all sweets and chocolate, a staple in every christmas stocking! Chocolate coins and santa, milkybar buttons, shrimps and bananans, a thorntons strawberry chocolate mouse & ferrero rochers.

 Tights and cute christmas slipper socks!

 Razors and shaving gel and a new sally hansen airbrush legs spray :)

 Maxfactor fantasy fire nail polish, my favourite maxfactor mascara, maxfactor eyeshadow and rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in nude.

A Christmas scratch card and a gorgeous bracelet.

I loved my stocking this year, santa did good. I am so grateful for my stocking and all my other gifts this year i was extremely lucky and spoiled.
Do you do christmas stockings if so what did you get? :)

Much Love xx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Topshop Wants, Wishlist #2

Topshop Wants

Ahh beautiful Topshop, they have so much in i love just now here's a few picks i would buy if i could afford to! 

1) Clean Knit Hat - £14
I know that the world and their aunt have hats like this right now but i think they are so cute and i love the khaki colour of this one.
2) Skinny Polo crop top- £10
I couldn't believe this was only a tenner seems like a bargain to me! I'm really loving crop tops paired with disco pants and some statement jewellery for nights out right now.
3) Knitted Lace collar Jumper- £38
I don't know why this jumper stuck out to me so much but i really love it its so girly and simple.
4)Crushed Velvet Leggings- £22
Ahh velvet, i love it. They also do these leggings with studs but i think i prefer the plain black these would be so comfy just to shove on or instantly make a plain outfit a little different.
5)Nails in Amethyst - £6.00
I'm always drawn to these sort of two toned iridescent colours and this one in purple haze isn't any different. 
6) Logic Studded Leather Sandals : £65
Oh my god. These shoes..there are just no words i need them in my life.

Much love:) xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Little Lush Haul

Whilst studying for my exams (which are now over thank god!) i somehow ended up on the lush website and these things magically ended up in my basket! I'm a huge lush fan and i can't resist walking by the store and not going in i love everything about it from the products to the values to the staff!

I ordered these six things about a week ago and when i got home this morning it was sitting at my door! Like a child on Christmas morning i couldn't wait to tear it open! This time around i deliberately got things i had never tried before as a way of trying new things and not getting stuck in my same old routine! and as a way of trying absolutely everything in the lush store...

1) Grease Lightning £5.95/45g

A product i've seen all over the beauty world but never actually picked up for myself, my skin has been quite bad recently and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it, making the most of bad situations and all that!
                                                     2) Ultrabland Cleanser £6.75/45g

Apparently a pea sized amount of this removes makeup including waterproof eyeliner, i love trying new cleansers and so i'm pretty excited for taking my makeup off tonight already! (its 10am...) 

3) Midnight Massage £6.50

I have tried every lush massage bar except this one! I'm pretty certain this is a limited edition Christmas one. This picture isn't doing it any justice its actually a clock shape and very cute and also glittery which i didn't realise when i ordered it but it smells amazing like jasmine. 

4) Ponche Shower Gel £4.25/100g

I don't know why but i have never bought this one before even though every single time i'm in store i smell it and love it! I think when it comes to christmas edition products i have been too obsessed with snow fairy to ever pick this up but i'm happy i have now i love the orange spicy scent.

5) Santas Sack Bubble Bar £4.15

Another one i've been wanting to try for a long time but for whatever reason never tried! This has been all over blogs recently so you've probably already seen and heard about it, it looks so pretty im excited to try this.

6) Cupcake Fresh Face mask £5.95/45g

I love face masks but i've never tried a lush one and chose this one purely because i liked the name but i'm so glad i did they weren't kidding when they said chocolate heaven this stuff smells amazing i can't wait to try it!

So that was my little lush haul, i'm so glad i went with products i haven't tried before i love trying new things and getting new favourites. What's your favourite lush product?

Abby :) xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Glossybox UK December 2012- Bejewelled Christmas

(warning heavy picture post) Ahhh couldn't have been any more excited than when this was dropped on my doorstep about an hour ago!
This months box is the special christmas edition and as you can see from the pictures is a silver coloured box instead of the usual pink with silver stars on the inside tissue paper which i think was a nice touch!
As this was only just delivered i have no opinion or reviews on the products yet but watch this space!

1. Rituals Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream- 70ml: A brand i have never used but that is apparently a favourite in the glossybox office. The scent of this is quite nice - cherry blossom and rice - random? but quite refreshing i like it, the cream itself is definitely rich and very.. well .. creamy.. I don't have much else to say about this yet but i will give it a try.

2. Seche Nail Lacquer in Simplicity 14ml: I love receiving nail varnishes in my glossybox and when i seen this was full size i was very very happy! I got the colour simplicity which is a nude pink colour but i believe there will probably also be a few other colours floating about this month. According to glossybox one stroke leaves a strong pigment and long lasting colour so im very excited to slap this on my nails soon!

3.Ayuuri Tumeric & Bergamot face wash 200ml: I was a little disappointed when i seen this mammoth sized bottle in my box after receiving the ayuuri face cream and not being a big fan but never the less i will still give this a try. I'm terrible at describing scents all i can say is its very natural and kind of .. spicy? Glossybox say it has antibacterial properties that soothe and clean your skin wile leaving it feeling fresh and moisturised so we will see!

4. Sleek true colour lipstick in candy cane 3.5g: Ahhh lipstick! i love getting lipstick in my boxes as its probably my favourite makeup item and i love adding to my collection. I have never ever tried sleek before as its not available in any shops near me so im very happy to be trying this! I was expecting a much darker red from the colour "candy cane" but it is actually a sheen pinky red when swatched maybe it will be darker when applied to the lips i will test it out later!

5. Mary Greenwell Lemon eau de parfum 1.5ml:  Sample sized perfumes are always a little disappointing and this one wasn't any difference. This tiny bottle probably has enough for three sprays in it and i really don't like the scent which is surprisingly lemon. When it settles i don't even think it smells of lemon because its not refreshing at all more musky in my opinion booo.

6. Bonus! Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Rosewood 2.5g: I love when extra little presents are included and this one is no different! The colour of this is highly pigmented i swatched it on my hand and the colour pay off was very bright! Have yet to try it but i'm looking forward to it as apparently it flatters all skintones.

So that was the Decembers box overall im very pleased, well done glossybox!
Have you got your box yet? Did you get anything different from me?

Abby :) xx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Wishlist #1

I have exams next week so naturally im perusing the internet lustfully looking at things i can't afford right now but reallllly really want, heres my wishlist for this week!

1) River Island: Beige geometric beaded playsuit £30! I actually tried this on last week in store and was so so close to buying it but im glad i didn't because its been reduced by twenty quid since then! Its so much nicer in person the picture does not do it justice at all.

2) Topshop: Studded Suede clutch in oxblood £38: I seem to be instantly attracted to anything this colour right now but this clutch is gorgeous would make a great addition to my wardrobe .. if only

3) Missguided: Micaela Navajo scarf in blue £9.99: This scarf looks so cosy and easy to throw on. Its freezing here just now so anything that looks warm is catching my eye but the colour and pattern of this is so pretty!

4) Benefit: Brow zings £22: This is something I've wanted for absolutely ages but never got round to buying every time i see a blog post about it i'm so jealous! definitely on my need to buy and try soon list it looks so good!

5) Newlook: Dark red cable knit fur trim cardigan £34.99: Again with this colour i think im obsessed! but can you not just see yourself out in the snow in this cardigan i love it! I think its a bit overpriced for new look but it looks really thick and well made and i love the furry hood on it.

6) Clinique: Chubby stick gift set £27 (debenhams): Another product i've been wanting to try for a while now and whats better than being able to sample all the colours in this gift set! I really want this shame santas apparently already bought all my christmas presents might have to be a present to abby from abby...

Whats on your wishlist this week?

Abby :) xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD - Ruby Crush

I saw this last time i was in boots and couldn't resist picking it up, its so christmasy! I hadn't heard of the precious stones line from rimmel before but there was also a silvery grey colour that i might have to go back for. This colour is 002 Ruby Crush and to be honest i didn't have high hopes for it being very glittery or dramatic without a base coat of a similar colour but the above picture is after just one coat! (admittedly a little messily painted i got excited about not having work for a few days and being able to paint my nails!) . It drys amazingly quick and completely matte which i don't mind but i will probably still put a shiny top coat over it. For £3.99 i think its a great deal for this time of year and you can never have too many nail varnishes...

Abby :) xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Favourites

In short, what I've been loving this November!

 Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Every year i wait for lush to bring this out with its limited edition products for Christmas! I love it. The scent and glittery pink colour may not be for everyone but for me its perfect. In a way i'm quite glad its not a permanent product because if it was available all year round i would probably sicken myself of it but its definitely my winter treat, amazing. If you love lush godmother soap this is pretty much the exact same but in the more convenient gel form, go try it!


Mac Jubilee Lipstick: This is my go to lipstick for everyday its so easy to shove on and goes with everything. Its been living in my bag all month and is perfect for any time of the year not just autumn. Its a lustre finish in a nudey brown colour and goes on super creamy and long wearing.

Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask for Blonde Hair: My hair  is pretty long and the cold weather recently has made it completely dry out so this for me has been a life saver this month. This mask wasn't that expensive i got it on offer in boots just over a month ago ( i want to say its about £6 but don't quote me!) and its still going strong. I use it about once a week and just replace my normal conditioner with it. I actually leave it on for longer than the recommended five minutes not sure if i'm helping my hair by doing this or not but it makes it soooo soft and much healthier looking at the ends.

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara For Blue Eyes:  Before i bought this mascara i had read a lot of bad reviews about it but being me i was too excited by the fact it was suited for your eye colour and wanted to try it for myself and i am so glad i did i honestly don't agree at all this mascara is great! It retails for about £6.99 but i got mine on a a BOGOF deal in boots and got a free blush (yay!) There are specks of blue in the mascara so i was worried i was going to revert back to my early school days of blue mascara (WHY) but when applied it is completely black, thank god. As for the brightening effect i dont see much effect on myself but when i converted my mum to this mascara it completely brought out the blue in her blue/green eyes so she is also loving this mascara right now. The wand is great for bottom lashes and reaching corner lashes to give length and volume all in all its a great mascara in my books, worth a repurchase.
H&M Red Tartan Scarf:  Not sure if this is the exact scarf because I've just got all my pictures from google today but it looks exactly the same! Towards the end of summer i had a bit of a tartan obsessive and bought quite a few tartan pieces but this is without a doubt my favourite and it was only about eight pounds. I have had so much use out of this scarf recently its so easy to throw on and i personally think it goes so nice with khaki coloured items. Tartan scarfs are everywhere right now but from all the ones i've seen i think this is one of the best its thick and cosy and i've been asked quite a few times where its from even if my dad did call its a picnic blanket!

What are your favourite products this month?
All pictures are taken from google images. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

November Glossybox 2012 UK

My first post! Eek! My November Glossybox arrived a few days ago and i figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a first post! Glossybox is AMAZING i can’t describe my love for their service enough, for those of you who haven’t heard of Glossybox it is basically a monthly service where a box of goodies is sent to you each month containing five products which are sometimes full size and sometimes sample size but it gives you the opportunity to try brands and products you would probably never pick up for yourself in the shops and for ten pound a month you can’t really complain about getting your money’s worth!

Each month has a different theme and this month was “stocking fillers” which immediately excited me, who doesn’t love Christmas and anything Christmas related!

The first product this month is Ayuuri Sandalwood Face Cream. The first thing that struck me about this product is the size of it, my god it’s massive! definitely bigger than any face cream I have had in the past. At 200ml it is a full size product and to be honest this scared me a little with Ayuuri being a brand I’ve never heard of before and my skin being prone to breaking out. This cream is highly scented which added to my worry however this said, although i have only used it once, so far so good. The scent is not my favourite it is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, sandalwood, with a very woody fragrance I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either and this was without doubt my least favourite product this month and unfortunately I may struggle to use it all up!

Product number two this month is a perfume from Burberry – Burberry Body Eau de Parfum. Usually perfume samples for me are a little disappointing and come in a cheap plastic spray bottle that has enough in it for two squirts HOWEVER not this one! I love the packaging; the gorgeous glass bottle even sample size feels expensive and is a decent size of 4.5ml perfect for popping in your handbag. More importantly the scent is actually really nice, on first sniff I wasn’t overly keen and found it quite strong but once settled it is completely different and actually in my opinion quite florally, I’m not complaining about this one i will definitely be using it all up and contemplating the bigger size however £75 for 85ml is quite steep for a skint student!

Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter- Another brand I had never heard of but will be looking into! I have nothing but nice things to say about this, I am absolutely in love with the mango fragrance which I was a little surprised about being such a huge lush fan I find their products hard to beat but this is a close runner that I can’t wait to regularly use. The packaging is also a nice change from most body butters with a dispenser pump instead of a tub, i like.

Nails Inc Top Coat- This tiny 4ml bottle is so cute! Not going to lie I have hundreds of top coats and was hoping for the pink or grey colour but the size is convenient enough to pop in my bag and it is something i will get use from so i’m too disappointed especially with Nails Inc being a brand i love and although i have never tried their top coat i have seen rave reviews about it before so im looking forward to giving it a go.

Last but not least Dermalogica’s daily Microfoliant. I used this for the first time last night and it is without a doubt the best facial exfoliant i have ever used! The powder turns to paste when it hits water and leaves your face feeling so so smooth after use. I will definitely be using this a few times a week and already seriously considering buying the full size!

I am so pleased with this months box which is quite surprising considering the makeup products are usually my favourite aspect and there was none! I can't wait for next month and i'm really hoping for some glitter and red in a Christmas edition, fingers crossed!

What did you think of this months box?
Talk to me! xx