Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Favourites

In short, what I've been loving this November!

 Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Every year i wait for lush to bring this out with its limited edition products for Christmas! I love it. The scent and glittery pink colour may not be for everyone but for me its perfect. In a way i'm quite glad its not a permanent product because if it was available all year round i would probably sicken myself of it but its definitely my winter treat, amazing. If you love lush godmother soap this is pretty much the exact same but in the more convenient gel form, go try it!


Mac Jubilee Lipstick: This is my go to lipstick for everyday its so easy to shove on and goes with everything. Its been living in my bag all month and is perfect for any time of the year not just autumn. Its a lustre finish in a nudey brown colour and goes on super creamy and long wearing.

Toni & Guy Deep Conditioning Mask for Blonde Hair: My hair  is pretty long and the cold weather recently has made it completely dry out so this for me has been a life saver this month. This mask wasn't that expensive i got it on offer in boots just over a month ago ( i want to say its about £6 but don't quote me!) and its still going strong. I use it about once a week and just replace my normal conditioner with it. I actually leave it on for longer than the recommended five minutes not sure if i'm helping my hair by doing this or not but it makes it soooo soft and much healthier looking at the ends.

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara For Blue Eyes:  Before i bought this mascara i had read a lot of bad reviews about it but being me i was too excited by the fact it was suited for your eye colour and wanted to try it for myself and i am so glad i did i honestly don't agree at all this mascara is great! It retails for about £6.99 but i got mine on a a BOGOF deal in boots and got a free blush (yay!) There are specks of blue in the mascara so i was worried i was going to revert back to my early school days of blue mascara (WHY) but when applied it is completely black, thank god. As for the brightening effect i dont see much effect on myself but when i converted my mum to this mascara it completely brought out the blue in her blue/green eyes so she is also loving this mascara right now. The wand is great for bottom lashes and reaching corner lashes to give length and volume all in all its a great mascara in my books, worth a repurchase.
H&M Red Tartan Scarf:  Not sure if this is the exact scarf because I've just got all my pictures from google today but it looks exactly the same! Towards the end of summer i had a bit of a tartan obsessive and bought quite a few tartan pieces but this is without a doubt my favourite and it was only about eight pounds. I have had so much use out of this scarf recently its so easy to throw on and i personally think it goes so nice with khaki coloured items. Tartan scarfs are everywhere right now but from all the ones i've seen i think this is one of the best its thick and cosy and i've been asked quite a few times where its from even if my dad did call its a picnic blanket!

What are your favourite products this month?
All pictures are taken from google images. 

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