Friday, 21 December 2012

Topshop Wants, Wishlist #2

Topshop Wants

Ahh beautiful Topshop, they have so much in i love just now here's a few picks i would buy if i could afford to! 

1) Clean Knit Hat - £14
I know that the world and their aunt have hats like this right now but i think they are so cute and i love the khaki colour of this one.
2) Skinny Polo crop top- £10
I couldn't believe this was only a tenner seems like a bargain to me! I'm really loving crop tops paired with disco pants and some statement jewellery for nights out right now.
3) Knitted Lace collar Jumper- £38
I don't know why this jumper stuck out to me so much but i really love it its so girly and simple.
4)Crushed Velvet Leggings- £22
Ahh velvet, i love it. They also do these leggings with studs but i think i prefer the plain black these would be so comfy just to shove on or instantly make a plain outfit a little different.
5)Nails in Amethyst - £6.00
I'm always drawn to these sort of two toned iridescent colours and this one in purple haze isn't any different. 
6) Logic Studded Leather Sandals : £65
Oh my god. These shoes..there are just no words i need them in my life.

Much love:) xx


  1. I'm loving Topshop these days! The velvet leggings are my fave piece here :) xA

    1. their stock is so amazing right now! :) xx

  2. I couldn't make a Topshop wants or it would contain pretty much everything in the shop! Haha. xo


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