Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lush Melting Snowman Bath Melt & Snow Cake Soap

This is a long overdue post, I've had these pictures waiting on my laptop for a while now but not had the time to get anything written about them! 
It's no secret that i'm a tad obsessed with Lush so really its a given that any time its a holiday I need to stock up on their limited editions but actually the Snowcake Soap was given to me at the FABB event in Glasgow back in October which I was super grateful for! 

Melting Snowman Bath Melt
£2.25 (Here)
Can we start off with how cute is the little guy!? 
I don't usually go for bath melts as I much prefer bubble bars or bath bombs but I couldn't resist leaving this guy behind, also for 2.25 its pretty affordable. I managed to use this twice by massacring his head and body into two and using them separately but I picked one of these up for my mum as well and she said she used hers three times so you really do get your moneys worth.
I absolutely love the smell of this, my favourite scent around Christmas time is anything spicy and this definitely has hints of cinnamon in it which left not only me but my bathroom smelling amazing after I had used it. When he melts the water turns a cloudy almost milky colour and the Shea butter inside him leaves your skin soft and moisturised. This little guy definitely provides a relaxing bath and I would fully recommend snapping one up before they disappear for Christmas!

Snowcake Soap
£3.25/100g (here)
As I said earlier I got this as a freebie from Lush at the FABB event in Glasgow, I'm so happy I did because based on the description online its something I would never have chosen but I really liked it! Online this is described as "marzipan and fruit" which to me sounds awful I hate marzipan and in the winter I tend to lean towards warmer scents than fruity ones but I didn't notice any of these when I used this soap it was more of a subtle vanilla scent. The soap lathered up nicely but what I loved most was the creamy and moisturising quality of it and the way it left my skin nice and smooth and not dry like other soaps can after washing.
The only downside of this was that I found it disappeared pretty quickly probably because of how creamy it is but I still got a good few uses out of it so I'm not complaining!

What's you favourite Lush Product??

Much Love

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Barry M Glitter Nails

I'm finally finished all my coursework for the year and although I have exams in January I'm free for just now and I'm making the most of it and getting excited for Christmas! and really whats a more festive nail polish combo than glitter...

I've been wearing this combination pretty much religiously lately and I absolutely love it.
The colour Amethyst Glitter is a gorgeous mix of multi-coloured glitter flecks that overall show up a bluey- purple shade. Lately (and in the above pictures) I've choose to wear it over Barry M Navy but it can be used on its own and built up with a few coats for an opaque finish.
The finish is pretty matte but if that's not your thing a clear top coat can be layered over easily. As for the wear of this I was really impressed, the second photo was taken after three days and it was still relatively chip free (yay!).
The only down side is it's a bit of a bitch to take off but that can be expected with any glitter polish really.

The polishes can be bought from Boots for only £2.99 (Link Here) which I thinks a pretty good price... but maybe I'm biased because I really love Barry M when it comes to nails.

It feels so good to have gotten a post up again I have been drowning in essay writing recently so I'm happy to get back into the blogging world again now! (or at least till my exams, yuck.)

Is everyone else as excited for Christmas as I am??

Much Love

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For him...

After making my Christmas Gift Guide for her (here) I knew I would have to make a male equivalent! So here's a few ideas of some possible presents for the guys in your life:

Christmas Gift Guide For him...

1) Soap & Glory Male Gift Set: I have no idea when soap and glory started doing sets for guys but if they are as good as the female ones then this should be a hit, especially if its for someone you don't know too well.
2) Butt Head Game: This might seem a bit random but honestly its hilarious. Both my brothers got this for Christmas one year and we were all cracking up watching them throw them at each other, everyone wanted a shot, recommend buying more than one though!
3)Beer Bottle Glasses: These are so cool. Made entirely from recycled bottles, would look right at home in a bachelor pad or any home to be honest!
4) Onesie: These are everywhere right now and really everyone should own at least one they are so super comfy. I recommend checking Primark out for some cheap ones but there are plenty online too.
5) Sweetie or Chocolate Hamper: My boyfriend got me a sweetie hamper as part of my birthday one year and I honestly loved it. There are loads available ranging in prices, anyone with a sweet tooth would love this!

Christmas Gift Guide For him..

1) Juice Cube: I mentioned the juice cube in my girls gift guide but it really is a unisex present! Charges a whole load of devices, available in seven colours and is rechargeable, whats not to love!
2)Console Games: I couldn't decide which to put in so here's three examples of games I think will definitely be popular this Christmas: Football Manager 2014, Grand Theft Auto Five, Fifa 14
3) Nescafe Coffee Machine: We have one of these in my house and it probably gets more use than the microwave or kettle we all love it! Perfect for any guy that loves coffee or even hot drinks this makes amazing hot chocolate too! 
4) Personalised Sports Bag: Okay I know this was also in my girls gift guide but again its definitely a unisex gift! Perfect for any gym goer or sports lover. 
5) A Classic Box Set: I bought this for my boyfriend last Christmas and honestly it gets so much use, we watch it all the time. Who doesn't love Friends?? But there are plenty of other box sets reasonably priced out there too just think of his favourite show and search it.

Christmas Gift guide for him

1) Breaking Bad Complete Series: This was definitely the most talked about show of the year. If you haven't seen this or heard about it where have you been!
2) Aftershave Gift Set: What one you choose is really on personal preference, but smellies always make a great gift. Personally I really like this Gucci one!
3) Bose Sports Ear Phones: Okay maybe I'm cheating because these were also in my last gift guide but they are being raved about right now! Especially perfect if your guy likes to run or go to the gym!
4) Kindle Fire HD: Whether its for reading, gaming or searching the internet most guys would appreciate a kindle, my boyfriends literally never off his we even have it connected to our netflix.
5) Tickets!: These are always exciting Christmas gifts! Look up his favourite comedian or band and see if theres anything coming close by next year.

Obviously I could of gone one up with more expensive presents like the new xbox, playstation or ipad but I think if you had the cash you would already be considering those! Hopefully this gave some of you a couple of ideas I always struggle buying for the guys in my family over the girls!
Let me know if you liked any of these ideas!

Much Love

Saturday, 23 November 2013

November Glossybox 2013

A little late with getting this post up but better late than never! After last months box was a disappointment I really loved this one with the theme of the glossy wishlist, I will definitely be using all the products!
(Also I really want to apologise for the terrible quality of these photos, sorry!)

The glossy magazine and little product card that comes with the boxes now is a much better edition than the fold out piece of paper they used to come with and I actually really enjoyed reading this months magazine! 

1) Vichy Idealia Life Serum 2x3mls & Smoothing and Illuminating Cream 

I haven't actually used these yet but I have read some positive reviews! I love the little drawstring bag these came in instead of rolling loosely about the box and if you weren't to use it yourself it would make a pretty good stocking stuffer. ( I have Christmas on the brain right now!) Vichy is a brand I really like so i have some high hopes for these.

2) Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow - Dames

I was racking my brains trying to think where I had heard of this brand before and it wasn't until a few days later that i realised my favourite eyelash curlers (also received in a glossybox) were emite! I really love this shadow the pigmentation is amazing and it makes the perfect eye brightening or highlighter colour. It's quite pricey at £16.80 and although I really love it I probably wouldn't pay that for it myself when I could pick up a similar shadow a little cheaper.

3) Yves Rocher Hand Cream Cacao & Orange

This for me is the star of the box and I still can't get over the fact its only £1.95 to buy! I use hand creams religiously in the winter as I can't stand having dry hands so this was immediately shoved in my bag. The smell is amazing its identical to terry's chocolate orange and it doesn't leave your skin sticky or too wet. It comes in a few other scents too so i'm eager to get my hands on the raspberry one. When looking at the site I also realised they had soap and lip balm in the same scents eeek might need to investigate these further!

4) Elegent Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads

I haven't used these yet but they are pretty handy to have especially if you are someone who needs to take nail varnish off on the go for the likes of work. I don't think i have tried anything from the elegent touch range before so I will use these with an open mind haha! 

5) Gosh Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick - Sundown.

I love lipstick it's my favourite item to receive in these boxes and I really love the brand Gosh but unfortunately I don't know how much use i will get out of this colour. I think I would have actually preferred if this was as an intense a colour as it first appears but its very sheer and more like a shimmery gloss when applied, I will probably use it at some point but it won't be one I reach for regularly.

So overall I'm pretty pleased with the box this month! I'm so so excited for next month's Christmas box and have really high hopes so hopefully it's not a disappointment!
What do you think of this months box??

Much love,

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her...

I have been wanting to get some gift guides up for ages now, I seriously love buying presents so these are like my ideal posts but uni and work have pretty much controlled my life making me a terrible blogger! So I thought I would get the first of these up while i had a chance so here's some ideas for the ladies that range from inexpensive to expensive gifts!

christmas gift guide 1
For the girly girl.

Alexa Chung It book: This is already a hit with bloggers and I think any girly girl interested in beauty or fashion would love it. I love Alexa's style and this would make such a good coffee table book.
Pandora Princess Tiara Ring: Okay are we seeing this? What girl doesn't want to be a princess and since we can't all be Kate Middleton this is a pretty good substitute.
Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume: I love all Marc Jacobs perfume and I've been wearing this one a lot lately it gets a lot of compliments and I think its the perfect gift for any girl!
Soap and Glory Bubble Barralled Gift Set: Any of soap and glory's gift sets would make a girl happy on Christmas. All of their products smell amazing and the gift sets are pretty reasonable too.
Real Techniques Sams Picks: Real techniques is by far my favourite brand of makeup brushes, this collection is relatively new and has some of my favourites in it, all girls should own real techniques brushes! 

christmas gift guide 2
For the Cosy Girl

Lush Happy Christmas Gift Box: Of course i had to throw in a lush product at some point! We all know i love lush and i think this set would make the perfect gift its got all bath products perfect for the cold Christmas weather!
We're The Millers & Despicable Me 2:  Can't go wrong with a DVD, i struggled to think of some recent movies that most would love so i just threw in two examples of ones i have loved this year!
Boot Slippers: All the shops have loads of cosy slippers in right now! My favourite type are the boot ones just because i think they are cosier than normal ones and you can pick them up so cheap, these ones are just from Asda!
Yankee Candle Gift Set: Any candle lover will love Yankees they are by far the best and this set is perfect for this time of year!
Dressing Gown: I love this dressing gown its from Topshop and I would be pretty happy to get this myself. I've seen it in store and its so soft plus i love the colour!

christmas gift guide 3

For the designer girl...

Michael Kors Watch: I don't know how long I've dreamed of owning one of these. Usually I go for the plain rose gold one but i really love the black face this one has!
Mulberry Cashmere Scarf: I bet this feels amazing and I love the check pattern of it, very on trend right now.
Kate Spade Purse: Every time I see a girl with one of these I am instantly jealous. I know its just a purse and the price is purely for the label but i bet the quality is amazing too and its so prettttty.
Urban Decay Naked Three Palette: This has high priority on my wishlist, it's not out in the UK yet but is said to release some time in December and I'm sure its as amazing as the last two.
Chanel Lipstick: I would kill for a Chanel lipstick there's something about Chanel that is just so sophisticated and what girl doesn't love lipstick!

christmas gift guide 4

For the Gadget girl...

Juice Cube: I need to invest in one of these. Its a portable charger that works with a whole load of devices and is rechargeable. It comes in seven colours and for £25 I think that's a good deal that anyone with an iphone would appreciate!
Ipad Mini: Recently released this is probably going to be one of the best sellers this Christmas. I don't think this needs much more explanation!
Personalised Case: So many websites make these now just do a quick google search and loads will come up for any device. I think they would make a cute thoughtful gift for any gadget loving girl.
Camera USB: USB sticks don't have to be boring anymore i love this canon inspired one but you can get them to look like almost anything from pigs to lipsticks and even necklaces. This would make a great stocking stuffer.
Sims 4: Okay so this isn't out till next year but you could always pre-order it for them as a gift, the inner geek in me is very excited for this to be released.

christmas gift guide 5

For the Fitness Girl...

Storage water bottle: I think this is such a good idea especially for runners. Not only is this a spill proof water bottle but it has storage to store money, gym or bank cards and even your keys. A good gift for someone who doesn't like to carry a gym bag around and it comes in lots of colours!
Bose Sport Headphones: One thing that really annoys me is earphones that fall out your ears especially if you are a runner or gym junkie! I've heard amazing things about these earphones they are apparently amazingly comfortable and stay in no matter what!
Personalised Gym Bag: If i was a regular gym goer i would love this! You can have it personalised to say whatever you like and the bag itself looks the perfect size.
Insanity Work Out DVDS: I have these and they are honestly the best work out ever... if you can see it through to the end, its a sixty day challenge with amazing results any fitness lover would love these for a great work out!
Smoothie Maker: I've actually asked for one of these this year as smoothies are something i buy daily on the way to uni so it would definitely work out cheaper to make them at home! Smoothie makers range from really cheap to super expensive models so you could probably find one to fit any budget!

So that was my gift guide for the girls, I tried to include something that everyone would love despite their interests. I'm thinking of putting a few more of these up for guys, stocking fillers and maybe even kids i'm not sure let me know what you think!?
Also let me know what your favourite item from this list is or what your asking for for Christmas??

Much Love, xx

Monday, 4 November 2013

Pop Art Costume!

I really wanted to wait until my sister had sent me the pictures she took on her good camera before writing this post but then I realised by that point it will probably be around about Christmas and no one will care about costumes anymore so instead here is my costume from this year courtesy of my shitty iphone pictures!

If you can't already tell this year I decided to do my own take on the Andy Warhol Pop art and in particular the crying girl. If you seen my last post (here) about my previous costumes you would notice I don't like to spend a lot of money on costumes and tend to focus it more around makeup which is why this was perfect for me! The costume in total cost me £4 which is how much i picked the top up for in the h&m sale!
For my face the only makeup i used was primer and foundation and the rest was made up from face paints which I fortunately already own. For eyelashes I used the Eyelure Katy Perry blue Colour Pop Lashes which turned out to be perfect for this look! (Not sure the pictures do them much justice!)

I was considering doing a step by step tutorial but I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested so you can let me know if you are!

I don't have a full length picture of my whole outfit (yet) so here are a couple I've stolen from facebook, not sure how my friends will feel about them being up here but oh well!

At the time it was a good idea to polka dot and detail my ears, neck, arms, legs and feet as well as my face,  but this decision was instantly regretted when i started work at seven the next morning. Thankfully the face paint washes off super easy and I think it does bring the whole costume together!
I already owned this blue midi skirt from Topshop and for shoes I wore this to one party with bright red heels and to another with red converse so it really can be dressed up or down!

For my hair I just shoved in a scrunchie from Topshop and I think it actually worked pretty well with the whole look but a fascinator or another hair accessory would work equally as good!

What do you think of the pop art look? and let me know what you went as this year!?

Much Love, xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lush Soot Ball Bath Bomb

I didn't think I would ever write a negative lush review but this is probably the first of their products that I have really hated.
Starting on a positive note it does look really cute and it smells amazing! The scent is quite spicy which I love, if you want the technical description Lush say it is the "burnt caramel scent of tonka absolute and earthy sandalwood" I don't have a clue what that means but it really was lovely and it lingered on my skin for hours after.

And on to the less positive...

In their description Lush say " Don't worry, Soot ball won't turn your water black." Emm was it just mine?? My water was completely black with the occasional orange swirl in it, it wasn't exactly pleasant to sit in haha ( the white was from some bubble bath i chucked in alongside)!
Also usually with lush bath bombs you can drop them in the water and let them fizzle away themselves but this one just sat at the bottom of the water like something lurking at the bottom of a swamp; I ended up holding it under the tap to get it to break up, hence the above pictures.
A few minutes in to the bath i ended up pulling the plug to get rid of most of the black and refill it with clean water and bubble bath. The black water was just making me feel dirty, it may be appropriate for Halloween but I can't think of anyone who would enjoy washing in black water. I was also paranoid it was going to stain my skin after seeing the state it was making of my bath ( and floor and tiles seriously it got everywhere!). I ended up bleaching the bath out straight after just incase it was left permanently black not really providing a relaxing bath environment.
Unlike other lush bath products I didn't notice any difference to my skin afterwards although maybe I didn't leave it in the bath long enough! Usually I can't get over how nice and soft my skin feels but not with this.
At £2.50 I'm not heart broken about wasting money but I definitely wouldn't buy it again or recommend it!

Maybe it was just me, Has anyone else tried this??

Much Love,

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Dark Romance Glossybox

I'm rarely negative with my glossybox reviews but this box was just one big disappointment! After reading the title of Dark Romance I was really excited to tear into this expecting dark plums, deep reds and smokey eyes but really I'm not sure any of the products fit the theme this month and I've noticed in my past few boxes that the themes may as well not exist anymore because the relevance is minimal! With October being the Halloween month I feel they could have gone all out and made the box a little bit different but no such luck.

First up I got this MeMeMe cheek and lip tint which is probably the only relevant product in the box this month. I have mixed feelings towards this brand, I've received a few of their items in previous boxes and although they are okay I've never been overwhelmed with their quality. This retails for £5.50 and is pretty similar to Benefits Benetint except when I swatched it on my hand it seems a lot harder to blend. Usually I wouldn't have minded seeing this product in my box but I think this about the third or fourth cheek tint they have sent me and really I'm not a fan! I would much rather use a cream or powder blush than a tint and I find using them on the lips just makes them dry and clearly shows off any imperfections!

Next up was a sample of Katy Perrys new fragrance Killer Queen. I think by now we all know my feelings towards receiving perfume samples. Ugh. Surely no one likes seeing these in their box!? You can pick them up at perfume counters or in magazines I don't want to pay for one! That said I do really like this fragrance (even if I had already smelled it in boots!) and will use it up, the whole two squirts that's in it anyway. The full size retails for £29.50 and comes quite a nice looking bottle.

Thirdly I picked out this Monu Illuminating Primer. I really like this brand and I love primers (weird statement but i do) so I was quite happy with this. The only downside is that it is illuminating and I prefer a matte look in the winter but I suppose that's personal preference and they can't please everyone! I will definitely use this up at some point though.

So this next sample pissed me off a wee bit Sachets? really. I can't believe they put sachets and a perfume vial in the same box. Its an illuminating bronzing product and although I will probably try this out it just feels like something that would come free in a magazine. Maybe I will love this and regret moaning about it but so far I'm not impressed. It also gives medium bronzing to the skin which makes me a little nervous as I'm so fair skinned that it could look ridiculously too dark for me. It retails for £29.95 available from the Vita Liberata website.

Last up is this Multi Vit Smoothie Serum from Premae. I know some may think of this as a sin but serum isn't really part of my current skincare routine. I don't know why it's just a step I always skip but I will definitely try and remember to add this before moisturising to give it a go. It also says you can mix this with foundation to create a BB cream and I love that it is all natural and cruelty free. Overall this is probably the highlight of my box but I can't help feel a little downhearted with the box in general.

Was anyone else majorly disappointed with this months box or am I on my own here?
Hopefully Glossybox step up their game next month because I'm really looking forward to the Christmas box after loving them in the past!

Much Love,

Monday, 14 October 2013

October Wishlist

October Wishlist

Being at uni is torturous for me its far too close to the shops meaning pretty much every day I'm wandering around using all my will power not to plunge into the depths of my overdraft. Today was not one of my finer days I went to Zara with the intention of buying a beautiful coat I have been eyeing up for about a week now and it was completely sold out and its nowhere to be seen on their website! Heartbroken, I instead bought a jacket in Topshop and then a coat in Primark to try and ease the pain. I think i need professional help, i have a shopping problem. I have now vowed I won't buy myself another single item of clothing until after I have completed my Christmas shopping so if you see any haul posts or tweets feel free to slap me, i must be strong!
That said if I wasn't on this spending ban here's what I would be after:

1) Black Pug Socks
River Island
If an exception to the ban was to be made it would be for these! Pugs and socks whats not to love!? I think i would be willing to sacrifice lunch one day to pick these up...

2) Black Leather Zip Boots
I've been after a pair of boots like these for ages now! There are similar ones in all the shops right now but i love the zip detailing on these so prettttyy!

3) Mix Tunic Dress
I've seen this dress popping up on a lot of outfit posts recently and for good reason its so perfect! I love the mix of prints and the burnt red colour of this its perfect to layer up for the Autumn weather.

4) Polka Dot Dress
I just thought this would be so easy to fling on for uni with tights and a cardi and still look well put together. Also I'm a bit obsessed with the monochrome look right now so the pattern of this drew me in straight away!

5) Purple Paisley Jumper
£35 (28 for ten days only!)
I love the colour and the print of this jumper so much! The weather right now just makes me want to be warm and cosy so I badly want this in my wardrobe!

6) Quilted Jumper
Topshop call this peach but i would definitely say it was baby pink! This would be so comfy yet stylish to just chuck on with leggings or for a more put together look over a collared shirt  and skater skirt. I'm already visualizing wearing this even though i may have to accept it can never be mine!

7) Grey Leggings
River Island
I've never actually owned grey leggings and i just loved the speckled pattern on these and the leather side details they would be so versatile!

8) High Waisted Treggings
Sticking with a black/grey theme today it seems. These would look so nice as a statement piece with just a plain black or white tee and for £28 in Topshop I think that's quite a reasonable price!

I'm only just realising there was a lot of Topshop in this wishlist so apologies but I really do love them haha!
What's on everyone elses wishlists this month?
 Feel free to leave links below and I will check them out

Much Love xx

Saturday, 12 October 2013

FABB Glasgow

The amazing freebies we got at FABB!
Last Saturday I went to my first ever Bloggers event and I'm so happy I did! FABB events (Fashion And Beauty Bloggers) is organised by two bloggers Tor (That's Peachy) and Ray (Who is She) who did an absolutely amazing job of putting the whole thing together, if there is one near you I fully recommend going! 

I was so nervous about heading to the event alone but after some twitter stalking ( that sounds a lot more creepy than i wanted it to) I managed to meet up with a group of girls in central station, who were all really lovely, and we headed to the event at Fanneli's Italian Restaurant in Merchant Square together.

When we got there we were greeted by Ray & Tor and given an amazing goodie bag full of products to try out! As if that wasn't enough pretty much every company we talked to on the day handed out some freebies too! By the end I felt like a crazy bag lady lugging everything back home, not that i'm complaining!

The brands there on the day included: Mallzee, Cocoa Brown, Tropic Skincare, Crystal Clear, Lush, Appointedd, The Pokey hat and The Beauty Kitchen. There was also a digital guest book and Tammy from DIY nails was there doing amazing job on several bloggers eager to have their nails done!
The brands representatives were all so friendly and it was great to discover companies I had never heard of before especially The beauty kitchen which is an 100% natural company set up by a husband and wife duo and based in Glasgow. Along with some other goodies (including an amaaazing body scurb) they gave away a voucher to go along and have a go at making your own beauty product in their store which i will definitely be putting to good use!

Needless to say i was most excited to see Lush there being as obsessed as I am. It was great getting to hear all about their new Christmas releases this year and when i was in store a few days ago one of the girls recognised me from the event which was lovely!
I also really loved talking to a girl from Cocoa Brown - a fake tan originally from Ireland but that has just launched at superdrug in the UK! It smells amazing and I've already used it once and loved it so expect a review after i've got some more use out of it!

I barely remembered to take any photos on the day (I really am a terrible blogger) so to see some photos from the day check out the photographers facebook where there is a whole album much better than i would of ever taken anyway! Link Here.

All the girls I had a chance to meet and talk to on the day were so lovely and I have no idea why I was so nervous beforehand now!
I really hope there is another bloggers event in Glasgow soon and i would love the chance to see everyone again and hopefully chat for longer without having to rush off to work!

Cocoa Brown, The Beauty Kitchen & Eilidh from MaisyMeow getting her nails done!

Also I quickly want to mention that i set up a new twitter account seperate from my personal one so feel free to follow me @AnUninventive
Much Love

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lush Pumkin Bubble Bar!

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and one of the best parts of any holiday season... Lush's limited edition products, yep i'm that sad that this really excites me!

Bubble Bars are always a hit for me and this one was no exception, simply crumble it under running water and it creates a load of bubbles in your bath. I used this all in one go but i definitely could of broke it into chunks and used it on separate occasions.

I am terrible at describing scents, Lush describe this as "ylang ylang oils and orange flower" I'm not entirely sure what those even are but the scent of this really is gorgeous not too overpowering or strong but just a nice kind of fruity smell that lingered on my skin for hours afterwards!

The bubbles created lasted for pretty much the whole time i was in the bath and my skin felt lovely when i was getting out. The bath water goes a rusty kind of brown/orange colour which i wasn't really a fan of but i suppose it is fitting with the pumpkin theme!

No staining was left in the bath afterwards which is always a plus and all that remained in the bath was the little liquorice stump from the top of the pumpkin!

If you want to get your hands on one of these i would be quick! They are available at £2.75 each but are already sold out on the website. If you want to view more details from the website they are still available (here).

Have you tried any of the Halloween products this year??
Much Love

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Heat Protection

First off I'm really sorry for the shitty iphone photo but i really wanted to get a post up about this before i did my favourites for September because this is definitely in there!

When it comes to heat defence I've tried a lot of products from creams, shampoos and the obvious sprays but to be honest I was never really sure if any of them worked. Tresemme seems to be the most popular option of heat defence but I think I'm in the minority that doesn't like it; I find it makes my hair too wet and I never notice any difference in the condition of my hair after use. This is the first spray I've used that I see a clear noticeable difference afterwards.

I have been using this spray for about three weeks now on pretty much a daily basis and the ends of my hair look so much healthier! The spray is fine and therefore doesn't make your hair too wet so that it feels like your frazzling it with your straighteners like others.. *cough* Tresemme.
As well as improving the condition of my hair this also makes it feel soft, look shiney and smell amazing, honestly after using it for the first time I felt like i had just walked out of the hairdressers it really lives up to its "salon at home" name. I found the smell also lingered in my hair all day which i really love as to me it just made it feel clean and healthy.

The instructions say to spray liberally on damp hair which i do after towel drying but i also use this on those "inbetween wash days" if i'm going to be using hot tools to style my hair and it gives the same effects. The bottle also claims its safe for colour treated hair and even better against animal testing so I think this is fast on its way to becoming a regular repurchase for me.

The spray nozzle of this is the little fire extinguisher (probably not the correct way to describe it but you know what i mean right?!) like a lot of sprays however it can also be locked which i love because it means I can chuck this in my bag if I'm staying at my boyfriends and not worry about anything pressing against it and the product leaking!

The only downside i can see for some is potentially the price at £6.99 for 200ml it's a little pricey for a heat defence spray but i think this is definitely worth it and i'm willing to pay that little extra for a good quality product.

The link to this on the boots website is here if anyone wants to check it out!

Has anyone else tried this product?
If not whats your favourite heat defence product?

Much love, xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another Lush Haul

I'm back at uni now (sadness) so coming home after my first day back to a box full of lush goodies sitting at my door was needless to say the best part of my day! We should all know that i'm a lush junkie and can't get enough of the products by now so without anymore fan-girl babble here's what was in my box this time:

Ultrabland Cleanser
100g £10.95
Available Here.
So this is the product responsible for this whole haul. This is the third time I've repurchased this it is my all time favourite cleanser and pretty much my holy grail product, if you want to see a full review on it you can check out my post on it here :)

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
75g £5.95
Available Here.
I really wanted to try another face mask so into my basket this popped. I have bought the cupcake face mask a few times now which is like chocolate heaven and I love it but I fancied a bit of a change and after reading the ingredients of all the face masks i settled on this one: Catastrophe Cosmetic. I used it tonight for the first time and I could seriously sit here and stroke my face it has left my skin sooo smooth also its so soothing and refreshing. I was a little worried because I had heard this mask could be quite drying so after washing it off and drying my face I put on my moisturiser just to be on the safe side and my skin feels absolutely fine. My skin is actually quite horrible just now ( I blame the fact that i ran out of Ultrabland a while back) so i'm hoping this does some wonders for it and helps clear it up!

So i haven't made an online lush order in a while but these definitely used to come in clear bags so you could see what was in side them right? On the note of change the little polystyrene things also used to be multi-coloured instead of white they made it a much more exciting package in my opinion haha! But I'm guessing it's all due to recycling so i will survive and link you to the website to see pictures of what these look like i really didn't want to unwrap them yet sorry!

I love a limited edition lush product and both of these are from the Halloween range that i have never tried before so i'm really eager to try them out!

Soot Ball Ballistic 
£2.50 each
Available Here
Okay so this is actually a little scary just peeking inside the bag I can see its rubbing off and turning the paper black but Lush promise on their website that it won't turn the water black and instead a luxurious gold so i have my fingers crossed because i really don't want to come out looking like I've been doing a spot of chimney sweeping for fun. I will let you know how i get on with this!

Pumkin Bubble Bar
£2.75 each
Available Here
That is not actually a typing error believe it or not this little pumpkin is " a reincarnation of our Mother's day earlier this year - mumkin" however i'm a little confused as to why it says pumpkin on the label in the above picture! Either way that's not important i'm really excited to try this as i missed out on mumkin earlier on this year so i'm glad i can try this version instead plus its very cute and you can't go wrong with a bubble bar!

Tea Tree Water Toner
Available Here
I've been on the hunt for a new toner recently and wanted to give one of Lush's a go i got the smaller size of this because i don't like committing to the larger size unless i know i like it but i sort of wish i had now because so far so good with this! Its very easy to  use and doesn't have any harsh ingredients like other toners. It removes any residue from my cleanser easily and leaves my face feeling clean and looking a little brighter, win win.

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder
Sample Size
Available Here
I absolutely love when Lush throw in extra little samples this in particular as its something i would probably have never thought to pick up for myself. I'm assuming you use this just like baby powder but i'm not entirely sure so if anyone's tried this let me know! I'm not usually a vanilla lover (when it comes to candles) but i'm actually quite liking the smell of this strangely so i'm definitely going to give it a try.

If you have tried any of these products let me know what you think!
If you want to see my last Lush Haul you can see it here :)

Much Love,

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Revlon By Marchesa Jewel Appliques

Revlon and designer Marchesa recently teamed up to create these nail appliques which I couldn't wait to get my hands on. There are eight designs available inspired by Marchesa's gowns for Autumn/Winter (you can see the gowns that inspired the designs here if interested or all eight nail designs on Revlon's website: here). The designs are all so intricate and pretty that it was hard to choose which one i wanted but i eventually settled on Royal Burgundy (even the boxes co-ordinate with the designs!). They are available at £8.99 each which is a little pricey but personally i will definitely be buying another set or two since they are limited edition and i'm a little bit in love with the designs. Also if you hadn't already realised boots currently have their buy one get one half price deal on across all cosmetics with these included so i would hurry and snap a set up quick! 

You get 18 appliques in a set, at first this annoyed me as surely 20 would make more sense for two uses but when applying these i managed to cut a few in half meaning i will get another set out of these!
They are super easy to apply pressing them firmly on your nails and filing off the excess, they even supply a file in each kit. I've used a few different brands of nail wraps but as far as long-wear goes these are by far the best. I've had these on for three days now and they are still going strong: when i tried Essie's nail appliques they came off that night in the bath so these have more than doubled their wear and survived the bath test!

 I think these are worth every penny and i have my eye on silk rosette next!
Has anyone else tried these?

Much Love,

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Dupe!

Apologies for the terrible iphone photo!

So I don't know if this is a well known beauty fact or a great kept secret because i was completely oblivious to this amazing dupe until now! Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is one of my all time favourite perfumes but at around £65 for 50ml its not exactly nice to the bank account and i really grudge paying it! 
That's where this beauty - Suddenly Madame Glamour- comes in at £3.99 or £1.99 right now on sale (words can't convey my amazement at this seriously go pick one...or ten up!!).
Suddenly Madame Glamour is only available from Lidl, Honestly Lidl! This is a shop I've hardly ever set foot in and I stumbled across this by complete accident all thanks to my wonderful mother who just wanted to pop in for bread or something along those lines while near it last week and now we are both hooked on this!
It is one of the best dupes I've ever came across the scent is almost identical, so much so that even though I've worn this perfume for years (as has my mum and sister) i can barely tell the difference between the two. Admittedly the Lidl version doesn't last as long on the skin but it actually lasts a lot longer than i expected it to and for £1.99 you can be spray happy with it all day!
For me the best thing about this is i can happily take it on a night out without the fear of loosing it and even use it for work without it feeling like a waste! Good times all round!
Okay so the packaging is no where near as nice as Chanel but for the price i'm not complaining!
If you have a Lidl near you i really recommend checking this out. For £1.99 even if your not a huge fan of the scent you haven't lost out on much cash and i'm sure you can find someone who loves it. Personally i'm going to stock up on this while its on sale, i mean £1.99! I know I've repeated that about four times now but seriously it feels like stealing its that good a deal! Wow, I sound like a cheesy advert so I'm going to stop talking now!

Am i completely late to the bandwagon or had anyone else not heard of this before??

Much love,

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The London Edition Glossybox

 I think we should all take a second to appreciate how pretty this months box was, I absolutely love the London theme for fashion week and all the little details that have gone into it including the printed tissue paper and glossy magazine instead of the usual folded paper one. I'm definitely going to try find a use for this box its too pretty to waste, anyway here's what i got this month!

1) Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume
Full Size: £48
5ml Sample

I know i moan about this every time but i'm just really not a fan of perfume samples, however i do love the cute little bottle as apposed to the tiny vial samples with one spritz in them. Although i probably wouldn't have chose it myself  i'm sure i can chuck it in my makeup bag for days when i forget to spray perfume before leaving the house although i think its more of an evening scent!

2) Eyelure Pre Glued Lashes
Full Size: £5.06
Full Size 

Love this. Glossybox have really done well with this one i don't imagine why anyone would be disappointed to see these in their box. If you have seen my last post you would know i'm a lover of a false lash and Eyelure is a brand i really love. I've never tried their Pre-Glued lashes so i'm eager to give these a go and i'm so happy they went with a wearable thickness and nothing too dramatic!

3) Toni & Guy Classic Shine & Gloss Serum
Full Size: £7.19
Full Size

Toni & Guy is a brand i really like but I've only ever tried their shampoos/conditioners. I'm not usually a fan of shine serums as i find they can make hair look greasy but i will give this a go! I don't know why but i have quite high hopes for this so i hope it doesn't disappoint.

4) Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips
Full Size: £11.50
3ml Sample
I have read lots of good things about this before so i was really excited to see it in my box! It reminds me of Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream in that it can be used for so many things from burns and eczema to shaping eyebrows and even shoe polish what?! It pretty much seems like a miracle cream so i'm going to be keeping this in my bag for emergencies :) (wish the sample was a tad bigger though!)

5)Be a bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eyeliner
Full Size: $14
Full Size
And lastly a brand i had never heard of before Be a bombshell cosmetics. I love receiving makeup products in my glossybox so at first i was really chuffed with this! However after giving it a go i'm just not a fan. Its a pen type liquid liner but i found it too thick to hold comfortably and get a fine line and it didn't apply as smoothly and easily as i would of liked i definitely wouldn't purchase this.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this months box for three full sized products i can't complain really. Also i really love the box itself and the eyelashes! 

What do you think of this months box??

Much Love

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tartan Trend

Tartan Trend

Whether you love it or loathe it the tartan trend is everywhere right now. Personally, i don't know if its the patriotic Scot in me or not but i absolutely love it...so much so that i found it hard to narrow it down to just the few pieces in the picture! Last year i lived in my tartan scarf and had my tartan shorts on at any opportunity so you can imagine my excitement when more and more checked pieces started appearing in the shops. With that said here's a few of my favourites:

1) Tartan Check Leggings
£25 at Topshop

2) Tartan Short Sleeve Crop
£13.99 at Glamorous

3) High Waisted Tartan Shorts
£40 at Urban Outfitters

4)Tartan Mini Skirt
£32 at Miss Selfridge

5) Tartan Scrunchies
£8 at Urban Outfitters

6) Leather Tartan Satchel
£140 at Asos

7) Tartan Check Coat
£83 at Miss Selfridge

and last but not least my favourite of the lot
8) Tartan Collared Dress
£25 at River Island

Is it just me thats caught the tartan bug or is anyone else loving it right now too? If so let me know what your favourites are!
Much Love,

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Favourites

1) Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints
I'm not going to blabber on about these again i think i did enough of that yesterday so if you want to check out my post from yesterday about these here! Basically i love them.

2) Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume
This perfume seems to have took the beauty blog world by storm this month and everyone seems to own it now! My mum clearly knows me well and picked this up as part of my birthday present and i think i've worn it every day since. The scent is gorgeous i'm shit at describing scents but its very refreshing and not too young or girly! If you haven't smelled it or any of Marc Jacobs perfumes i definitely recommend sampling them in store they are long wearing and get lots of compliments! Its £50 for 50ml in boots (here)

3) Maybelline Colour Tattoos
I have four of these and would gladly pick them up in every shade available. I've been really into cream products recently and these make a good base or all over colour. I'm sure you have already heard of them they are very pigmented and make what is simple eye look using one or two products look like you have spent a lot of time on it, great if your in a rush! For £4.99 i think every girl should own at least one of these and they are on offer in boots just now 3 for 2 if like me you can't get enough of them (here)!

4) Mac In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara
I've been using this mascara for a month now and i absolutely love it. Usually i stick to Rimmel when it comes to mascaras but i think i will be willing to spend the bit more and repurchase this when it runs out. For £18 its quite an expensive mascara but i really love everything about it from the wand to the formula itself, a full review will be up soon!

5) Mac Crosswires lipstick
On my way back from England i really wanted to pick up a mac lipstick up at duty free (wish i had bought a couple now!) and eventually settled on Crosswires after much debate and annoyance to my boyfriend. The reason i finally chose Crosswires is because i had seen Essie Button wearing it in one of her videos and thought it looked gorgeous on her (although what doesn't) and i'm so happy i picked it up. Cremesheen is my favourite mac finish and this one is a gorgeous coraly pink colour that is very pigmented and i'm pretty certain any skin tone would look amazing in this day or night!

Whats in your favourites this month??

Monday, 2 September 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

So i am extremely late to the bandwagon on this but i felt the need to rave about these and didn't want to just leave it at a small mention in a favourites post because seriously these are amazing! 
If you had asked me about a month ago what my favourite nail polish brand was i would of been a loyal Essie supporter but after buying one of these on a whim in boots Essie doesn't even compare!
Before a night out at the start of August i bought Satsuma (the first shade) in a rush hoping it would compliment Macs Vegas Volt lipstick nicely (sad i know) and after that i was hooked.

 I wore Satsuma to death all of August and it is the most long wearing nail polish i have ever tried. Seriously no matter what nail varnish i had used in the past high end or high street it would always chip straight away the best run i had was with Essie and thats why i loved them so much but i can honestly say i could leave this on my nails for over a week and it would remain virtually chip free, exactly what you want in a nail polish right?! Not to mention the amazing finish these give no need for a top coat with these they leave your nails super shiney as if you've just had a shellac manicure but at a fraction of the price. The glossiness does fade after about three days but not to a completely matte or dull shade and the polish still looks fresh!

So needless to say after i got home from England a few weeks ago i was straight to boots to buy a couple more of these, i could honestly never buy another brand of nail polish again these are THAT good! I picked up blueberry the gorgeous pale blue shade and blood orange which is a bit misleading as its 100% bright red! You can pick them up buy one get one half price in boots right now (here) and there is a good colour range to choose from i'm definitely eager to get my hands on a few more and even without the deal £3.99 for a polish is a great price, to me anyway, considering the eight pounds or there abouts i used to fork out for Essie! 

The pictures above show the colours on my nails after just one coat.

Have you tried any of the Barry M Gelly polishes? Which shade is your favourite if you have??


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lush Comforter Bubble Bar!

I'm a huge lush junkie honestly if i could live in one of their shops i would but because its summer and i've been away from uni and therefore the city i haven't been inside one of the shops in months, cry. But knowing me well for my birthday one of my friends bought me the bunty gift box and so i have four new lush products to satisfy my cravings! 

This one is actually the mini comforter bar at 100g where as usually they come in less of a ball shape at a flatter 200g which is much easier to break up for several bath uses but because this was in the ball i decided just to treat myself and use it all in one go. 

Bubble bars are Lush's answer to bubble bath without the plastic bottle, you crumble the bar under running water and let it fizzle away leaving you with a mountain of bubbles and brightly coloured water. This particular one lush describe it to "wrap you in a fluffly pink blanket of blackberry bubbles to keep you safe and warm" The scent is gorgeous i'm not sure if i would pin point it as blackberry or blackcurrant but it was certainly sweet smelling and left me comforted as intended! 

The bubbles lasted the whole time i was in the bath without fizzling away and when i got out my skin felt soft and smooth which is always a bonus!  Also the bright pink water doesn't leave your bath stained or marked which i know might be some peoples concerns!

My Instagram from this bath while watching youtube on my laptop, as you do, best way to relax!

You can buy the comforter from Lush for 4.50 each (here) which might seem a bit expensive for a bubble bar but i guarantee you will get multiple uses out of it if you break it up and it smells heavenly!

Have you tried any of Lush's Bubble Bars? Let me know your favourites!


Sunday, 18 August 2013

August Wishlist

August Wishlist

I feel like i haven't made a post in forever! I spent all of this week in England staying with my boyfriend's family and had an amazing time especially visiting London for the first time!! But anyway to get back into the swing of things here is whats on my wishlist this month! There seems to be a recurring blue theme and i think i'm over Summer because everything catching my eye is warm and cosy.

1) ASOS Skater Skirt In Sketchy Pug Print
Link Here
If you know me you would know i'm obsessed with Pugs and anything pug related i need in my life so this skirt was immediately added to my mental wishlist i love it!

2) Topshop Hooded Lightweight Jacket
Link Here
I've had my eye on this jacket for ages it also comes in blue and black but i think i like the khaki best. I love that its lightweight because it would be good on days when its slightly hotter but also jumpers and cardigans can be layered under it in the winter!

3) River Island Messanger Bag
Link Here
These bags have been around for a while in riv and i know why! I've owned two of these in brown and burgandy and would happily had another to my collection. They are such a good size for everyday or i even use them for uni because you can fit so much into them!

4) Barry M Gel Nail Polishes£3.99
Link Here
I recently jumped on the bandwagon with these and i'm in love! I own the shade satsuma but i'm desperate to add more to my collection they are so long lasting and give such a pretty glossy finish.

5) River Island Spike Statement Necklace
Link Here
I can't believe this necklace is only a fiver i think that's such a good price for river island. I love statement necklaces and seem to be loving blue right now so this necklace is perfect to me!

6) Topshop Lace Up Brogue Boots
Link Here
I have been looking around for a pair of black boots for Winter recently and i think these are my favourite that I've seen. Last year i loved military boots and at first glance these are similar but i think the brogue like detailing on them makes them so cute and a little bit different to any others I've seen. They are a little pricey but i imagine they are really good quality and would be long wearing!

If you have made any wishlists recently i would love to see them link them below and let me know what you think of mine!
Much Love xx

Sunday, 4 August 2013

July Favourites!

Nip + Fab Coconut Lattte Body Butter
First up is this body butter from Nip and fab which i actually got in a glossybox a while back but you can pick up in boots for £8.49 (here). As far as body butters and moisturisers go as much as i love them i suck at remembering to apply them but for some reason I've been slopping this on religiously lately! The smell is absolutely amazing and hands down my favourite thing about this product if you like the smell of coffee and coconut then you will love this and well if you don't then maybe stay clear and try one of the other scents: Pistachio Sundae or Mango Smoothie. Its a great body butter that goes on smooth and drys straight away leaving you soft and not sticky which i have found with some other body butters and hate!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 110
I didn't include a great picture of the actual colour of this lipstick but i think i'm going to do a full review of it soon with swatches so eyes pealed! This has been my go to lipstick lately its the perfect summer neon coraly red colour that goes on creamy (strange for a matte) and lasts hours! They are £5.49 from boots (here).

Benefit Brow Zings Palette
I really love bold eyebrows and the colour (I have the light one) fits perfectly with my brow colour! I'm surprised i haven't included this in a favourites post before because i probably use this most days i much prefer it over using a pencil and it lasts all day. It's a wee bit pricey but i have used mine most days since May and i'm not even close to pan so well worth the investment! £23.50 from Boots (here)

Naked Basics Palette
The much raved about Basics Palette but rightly so. This month, maybe just because of the hot weather, i have been reaching for this probably every day to create a simple fast look. I have mainly been wearing w.o.s with naked 2 in my crease and occasionally faint to darken my outer corners a bit. I have also been loving using the matte black (crave) to line my eyes as it gives a much softer look than eyeliner.

Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves
Without a doubt my favourite of the favourites! I already raved about this in my glossybox post after only one use but now that i've had time to use it more i'm even more in love with it and will definitely be repurchasing it when i finish it despite the price tag which is around about 18 pounds but varies on different websites. I'm 100% going to do a full review of this because everyone should have it in their lives!

If you have done a favourites post recently i would love to read them so link them below and let me know if you have tried any of my favourites!
Much Love,
Abby xx