Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites 2013

I know its the standard start to a favourites post "oh my god January is over already" but really i can't believe it, it was Christmas two minutes ago and now here we are a month into 2013! But i won't bore you with any more of my crap chat and i'll dive straight into my favourites of this month!

1) Lush Ultrabland - I know i have probably talked this product to death now but i couldn't not include it in my favourites its amazing! If you didn't catch my full review of this product you can read it here. Basically its amazing.

2) John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner: You may have seen them in my haul at the start of the month and i can say without a doubt this is the best shampoo and conditioner i have ever used for my hair colour ( and i have tried a LOT of hair care products for blonde hair). If you aren't lucky enough to be a natural blondey and your hair is like mine (dyed to death) it can probably easily turn brassy. These have without a doubt kept the brassyness out of my hair and i've found my hair looking brighter, healthier and the ashy colour i wanted. However i will say that the shampoo is extremely drying and i would never use it without following through with the conditioner (which smells amazing by the way) I try to use these every other wash as they are tone correctors and not meant for regular use but i love them so much i want to use them all the time!

3) Tangle Teezer: I only got this about a week ago but i already can't live without it! You probably own/know all about the tangle teezer i had read and seen it everywhere and was dying to pick one up for myself and i am SO glad i did! My hair is insanely tuggy, probably due to the bleach, and it is just a nightmare to brush after washing, not anymore. This glides through my hair and doesn't feel damaging like a regular hair brush would. I know i am for sure not going back to a regular hair brush again.

4) Lush Grease Lightening: For unknown reasons my skin decided to completely break out this month and this product was my life saver. If you catch spots early enough before they have time to form this completely gets rid of it and the spot vanishes within 1-2 days. Even if you don't catch them before they form dabbing some of this onto them reduces their size and makes them go away faster, whats not to love.

What have you been loving this month?

Much Love, xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for about a month now and i absolutely LOVE it! I honestly can't praise this enough it is amazing.

The formula itself is quite thick and sticky and i can't think of any better way to describe it than (disgustingly) its like lard. HOWEVER as soon as it is smoothed into your skin it melts into an oil which leaves your face so soft and moisturised. Even though it melts into an oil i would still recommend this to any skin type including oily because as soon as its washed off the skin is left moisturised and so so soft!

Only a small amount of the cleanser is needed for a whole face, I use the amount on my hand in the above picture and this takes off all my face makeup. I have always found it difficult to find an eye makeup remover that I like and that takes off even my stubborn gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara but this completely does the trick! I also love that although my skin is prone to breaking out this cleanser does not irritate it at all and leaves my face looking healthy and glowing.

To use the cleanser I simply smooth it over my face and use a warm cloth or cotton wool pads to take it off. This is seriously the quickest and most effective method I have ever used to remove my makeup and when using toner after unlike other cleansers there is next to nothing left on my face!

If I were to criticize this it would only be that personally i'm not a huge fan of the smell, it smells exactly like honey. Which when i first used I hated this but it has grown on me since I have used it so often and since that except this minor fact its so great!

The tub i own is the 45g tub which is £6.75 but I will definitely be going back for the 100g tub at £10.75.
Since i have had such a good experience with this I'm keen to try more of lush's cleansers, so if anyone can recommend one it would be much appreciated :) 

Have you tried ultrabland? 
                  Much Love xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wishlist #4

Wishlist #4

I don't know about everyone else but i'm so tired of all the snow and freezing weather recently all i want is a holiday! Recently i have spent hours of online browsing and i don't know if its just because i'm skint but the shops have so much gorgeous stock in right now that i reaaallly want!

1) Coral Triangle Crop Top -  Topshop 

2) Cream Lace Skater Skirt- Topshop
3) Dusty Pink Dungarees - Topshop
4) Blue Polka Dot Skater Skirt- River Island
5) Pink Bungee Cord Necklace - River Island
6) Ray-bans - Net a porter 
7) Mac Lipstick in Victorian

Are you loving the weather right now or is it depressing you like me?!

Much Love xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013 - The Detox Box

I was so excited to see this little box at my door a few days ago and was so eager to see what was in store for the first box of 2013! The theme of detox is super appropriate and just what we all need in January but to be honest i am a little disappointed this month but this could just be because Decembers box was so good it was going to be hard to beat but that said here's what was in my January Box! 

1) Monu - Micro Exfoliant
Monu is a brand glossybox seem to be loving and i don't blame them because from everything i've tried i do too! I was happy enough to get this in my box and it is a pretty nice sample size at 30ml not to mention it smells amaaaaazing.
However i was a little insulted when i read the glossybox blog to find there were two exfoliants up for grabs this month one aimed at younger skin and this one for more mature skin. i'm 19! It makes me think glossybox aren't really giving as much attention to what would suit everyone. Oh well i will still be giving this a go!

2) Murad - Hydro Dynamic Eye Moisture
Woooah this is an expensive product the full size retails for £57!! so i'm expecting this to be good! I don't have an eye cream on the go right now and my eyes are always dry and sensitive so im eager to give this a try! Hopefully i don't love it too much though 57 quid for an eye cream is a bit extreme for my budget!

3) Sanctuary Spa - Active Reverse Facial
" An Intense warming two step mask to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, without cosmetic injections" Basically a serum followed by a heating clay face mask. I love face masks so i will give this a go the sample size is a bit poor probably only enough for one use but the heating aspect of the mask is quite exciting.

4) Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste 
I've said it before and i will say it again perfume samples are always disappointing in my eyes. I know it gives you the chance to sample a new scent and if you love it go out and buy it but really if you want a new fragrance you can sample them in boots, no? Besides that i do actually like the scent of this perfume and it seemed to linger on my wrist for a long time which i also like, but i hate the sample bottle of this! its a wand applicator instead of a spray and is so hard to get any decent amount out without just tipping the bottle.

5) BM Beauty - Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder
This product can apparently be used under foundation to cover fine lines and blemishes or over foundation for an airbrushed finish. I think i am more likely to use it as a highlighter though as after swatching it seems to have a shimmery pearly finish. I'm looking forward to giving this a go and i love that its 100% mineral!

As an extra this month glossybox also included a glossy dreams sleep mask, a nice touch for a detox box but i don't think i could sleep with one of these on my face! I'm sure i can give it to someone else though.

What did you get in your  box this month??
Much love

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Empties #1

I don't know why i find empties posts so interesting but i love reading them! I can completely see why some people hate them but i just feel like you get a better idea of what a product is like since you can see the person has actually used it all. Therefore heres a bunch of empty rubbish i've been collecting recently!


1) Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
I was gutted when this ran out the other day because i haven't repurchased another one yet! We all know about batiste dry shampoo to be honest its the only one i've ever tried so i can't compare it but i love it and don't have any need to try another one just yet as this does the job and smells amazing!

2) Vo5 Heat Protection spray
I wasn't wowed by this and will probably try a different one next time. I bought this in boots because it was on offer and i needed a new one but it was just alrite i didn't notice any dramatic difference or anything i loved about it.


1) Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation
My all time favourite foundation, i know a lot of people hate it because its so thick but i love the coverage it gives and feel it matches perfectly with my skin tone so it's already been repurchased for the fourth time!
2) Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid eyeliner
If i'm going to use liquid eyeliner this is my go to one even though im more of a fan of gel these days. I've tried loads of liquid eyeliners and always come back to this one its long lasting and so easy to apply i love the brush of this one

3) Mac Blush in Dame
I loved this blush and its lasted forever i bought this ages ago! Its so pigmented and natural looking when applied i would repurchase if i had the money but i can't afford to right now considering i have at least six other perfectly fine blushes in my drawer! 

4) Avon lipstick in perfect pink
On reflection there is no point in writing about this as 1. im not sure avon even sell it anymore and 2. i've totally used it up and so can't give a swatch or any idea of the colour! This said this lipstick wasn't anything special just a sort of nude pink with not much staying power.


1) Dove go fresh deodorant in grapefruit and lemon.
I bought this on a bogof deal in my local sainsburies. I really liked it it was nice and refreshing and does the job not much else to say really! 

2) Daisy Marc Jacobs
My all time favourite perfume, i was savoring the last few squirts of this before Christmas hoping i would get a new one which i did thankfully! Its a very summery scent which is refreshing and not too sweet, if you haven't smelled this before you should definitely check it out!

3) Anatomicals Body scrub
I got this in a glossybox recently and at first loved it but the more i used it the more i disliked the smell and was pretty glad to use it up and get it out my shower. This said it was a nice texture and wasn't too harsh on my skin probably a favourite to others but it just started to bore me!

4) Dermalogica Clean Start Face wash
Another glossybox find this one was part of a trio but i haven't finished the other two yet. This was quite a nice face wash but i only used it on days i wasn't wearing any or not much makeup as i don't think it would do a good job of removing makeup, it left my skin smooth and clean but i probably wouldn't purchase it for myself.

5) Veet face wax strips
I have been using these for my eyebrows for quite a while now. One box last me for ages because i cut the already small strips into smaller pieces to make it easier to position on my face. These are easy to use and i would recommend them if you are one for doing your own waxing.

Much Love, xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 wishlist, a girl can dream...

2013 wishlist

1) Michael Kors Rose Gold watch- can't even begin to describe how long and much I've wanted this!
2) An iPhone- my phone is awful i really really want to upgrade to an iPhone
3) Burberry Scarf- I don't know why but i think there is something about Burberry scarfs that can be so chic and cool looking
4) Tiffany's box- anything tiffany's!
5) Jeffrey Campbell litas- of course i have mock ones but the real deal would be amazing, i love these suede ones.

Whats on your 2013 wish/dream list?
Much love,

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Maxfactor Fantasy Fire- NOTD

I got this nail varnish in my stocking for christmas and i loveeeee it! When applied its not what i expected it to look like at all its a lot brighter and more vibrant than in the bottle. When it hits the light you can see iridescent shades of pink and blue which i love! It definetly needs a few coats to make it opaque, i have three on in the above pictures, its totally sheer if you only use one coat which is a little annoying and time consuming but i've had this on since new years eve and its only got a few little chips so the staying power is great!

Have you tried any maxfactor nail varnishes, whats your favourite?

Much love