Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Empties #1

I don't know why i find empties posts so interesting but i love reading them! I can completely see why some people hate them but i just feel like you get a better idea of what a product is like since you can see the person has actually used it all. Therefore heres a bunch of empty rubbish i've been collecting recently!


1) Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
I was gutted when this ran out the other day because i haven't repurchased another one yet! We all know about batiste dry shampoo to be honest its the only one i've ever tried so i can't compare it but i love it and don't have any need to try another one just yet as this does the job and smells amazing!

2) Vo5 Heat Protection spray
I wasn't wowed by this and will probably try a different one next time. I bought this in boots because it was on offer and i needed a new one but it was just alrite i didn't notice any dramatic difference or anything i loved about it.


1) Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation
My all time favourite foundation, i know a lot of people hate it because its so thick but i love the coverage it gives and feel it matches perfectly with my skin tone so it's already been repurchased for the fourth time!
2) Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid eyeliner
If i'm going to use liquid eyeliner this is my go to one even though im more of a fan of gel these days. I've tried loads of liquid eyeliners and always come back to this one its long lasting and so easy to apply i love the brush of this one

3) Mac Blush in Dame
I loved this blush and its lasted forever i bought this ages ago! Its so pigmented and natural looking when applied i would repurchase if i had the money but i can't afford to right now considering i have at least six other perfectly fine blushes in my drawer! 

4) Avon lipstick in perfect pink
On reflection there is no point in writing about this as 1. im not sure avon even sell it anymore and 2. i've totally used it up and so can't give a swatch or any idea of the colour! This said this lipstick wasn't anything special just a sort of nude pink with not much staying power.


1) Dove go fresh deodorant in grapefruit and lemon.
I bought this on a bogof deal in my local sainsburies. I really liked it it was nice and refreshing and does the job not much else to say really! 

2) Daisy Marc Jacobs
My all time favourite perfume, i was savoring the last few squirts of this before Christmas hoping i would get a new one which i did thankfully! Its a very summery scent which is refreshing and not too sweet, if you haven't smelled this before you should definitely check it out!

3) Anatomicals Body scrub
I got this in a glossybox recently and at first loved it but the more i used it the more i disliked the smell and was pretty glad to use it up and get it out my shower. This said it was a nice texture and wasn't too harsh on my skin probably a favourite to others but it just started to bore me!

4) Dermalogica Clean Start Face wash
Another glossybox find this one was part of a trio but i haven't finished the other two yet. This was quite a nice face wash but i only used it on days i wasn't wearing any or not much makeup as i don't think it would do a good job of removing makeup, it left my skin smooth and clean but i probably wouldn't purchase it for myself.

5) Veet face wax strips
I have been using these for my eyebrows for quite a while now. One box last me for ages because i cut the already small strips into smaller pieces to make it easier to position on my face. These are easy to use and i would recommend them if you are one for doing your own waxing.

Much Love, xx


  1. i love empties posts :) i agree the batiste blush dry shampoo smells so good ! x


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