Saturday, 19 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013 - The Detox Box

I was so excited to see this little box at my door a few days ago and was so eager to see what was in store for the first box of 2013! The theme of detox is super appropriate and just what we all need in January but to be honest i am a little disappointed this month but this could just be because Decembers box was so good it was going to be hard to beat but that said here's what was in my January Box! 

1) Monu - Micro Exfoliant
Monu is a brand glossybox seem to be loving and i don't blame them because from everything i've tried i do too! I was happy enough to get this in my box and it is a pretty nice sample size at 30ml not to mention it smells amaaaaazing.
However i was a little insulted when i read the glossybox blog to find there were two exfoliants up for grabs this month one aimed at younger skin and this one for more mature skin. i'm 19! It makes me think glossybox aren't really giving as much attention to what would suit everyone. Oh well i will still be giving this a go!

2) Murad - Hydro Dynamic Eye Moisture
Woooah this is an expensive product the full size retails for £57!! so i'm expecting this to be good! I don't have an eye cream on the go right now and my eyes are always dry and sensitive so im eager to give this a try! Hopefully i don't love it too much though 57 quid for an eye cream is a bit extreme for my budget!

3) Sanctuary Spa - Active Reverse Facial
" An Intense warming two step mask to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin, without cosmetic injections" Basically a serum followed by a heating clay face mask. I love face masks so i will give this a go the sample size is a bit poor probably only enough for one use but the heating aspect of the mask is quite exciting.

4) Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste 
I've said it before and i will say it again perfume samples are always disappointing in my eyes. I know it gives you the chance to sample a new scent and if you love it go out and buy it but really if you want a new fragrance you can sample them in boots, no? Besides that i do actually like the scent of this perfume and it seemed to linger on my wrist for a long time which i also like, but i hate the sample bottle of this! its a wand applicator instead of a spray and is so hard to get any decent amount out without just tipping the bottle.

5) BM Beauty - Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder
This product can apparently be used under foundation to cover fine lines and blemishes or over foundation for an airbrushed finish. I think i am more likely to use it as a highlighter though as after swatching it seems to have a shimmery pearly finish. I'm looking forward to giving this a go and i love that its 100% mineral!

As an extra this month glossybox also included a glossy dreams sleep mask, a nice touch for a detox box but i don't think i could sleep with one of these on my face! I'm sure i can give it to someone else though.

What did you get in your  box this month??
Much love

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