Thursday, 3 January 2013

Maxfactor Fantasy Fire- NOTD

I got this nail varnish in my stocking for christmas and i loveeeee it! When applied its not what i expected it to look like at all its a lot brighter and more vibrant than in the bottle. When it hits the light you can see iridescent shades of pink and blue which i love! It definetly needs a few coats to make it opaque, i have three on in the above pictures, its totally sheer if you only use one coat which is a little annoying and time consuming but i've had this on since new years eve and its only got a few little chips so the staying power is great!

Have you tried any maxfactor nail varnishes, whats your favourite?

Much love 


  1. That nail polish is so cool! Looks great on!
    Thanks for the blog comment :D

    1. It's so much brighter on than i thought definetely my fav of the moment! xx

  2. I love the colour! Three days without chips would be a miracle for me x

  3. Wow this colour looks GORGEOUS i MUST buy!! lovely blog and posts :)

    Love Emily xx


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