Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist

There is literally so many beauty products i want to get my hands on right now that i probably could make about ten of these wishlists! I've been so good lately about not spending a lot of money because me and my boyfriend are booking our holiday soon but i'm due to cave soon i neeeeeeed to get my hands on at least one of these!

1) Brow zings £22.50 - available here
I have wanted this for so long, mainly because i'm looking for a more portable brow routine and have seen posts making this look amazing! Currently for my brows i use a mix of two shades from my 88 palette which i am really happy with i much prefer powder to pencil but its not very practical for travelling so if anyone has any other good portable powder palettes i'm open to suggestions!
2) Nars Blush in orgasm - £21.50  available here
This has long been a super hyped product and for whatever reason i've just never got round to buying it. I don't own any NARS products probably just because they aren't so easy to get your hands on in the UK but i really want to try one and think this would be a good starting point!
3) Urban Decay Basics Palette -£20 - available here
If i'm going to cave soon its going to be for this! I have been lusting over this since its release i neeed it in my life! I'm a lover of both the other naked palettes and know i will love this just as much also debenhams have it for 18 pounds right now!! so much temptation.
4) Urban Decay Oz Palettes- £35 - available here and here 
I can't honestly decide which one i want more i love the look of them both and im dying to see the film! Have any of you tried them which one dya think is best?
5)Apocalips in Big Bang - £5.99 - available here
I already own an apocalips in luna and at first i didn't immediately take to it but i now understand the hype and love it, i've wanted big bang since the release but my boots has been permanently out of stock of it! Everytime i see someone using it it looks gorgeous!
6) Mac Lipsticks in Vegas Volt, Please Me & Costa Chic - £14 - available here
Ahh beautiful Mac, i really want to add some more mac lipsticks to my collection and after much consideration decided these are top of my wishlist (at the moment) i think i'm feeling summery by the pinky coral theme i have going.
( I also really love the look of Betty Bright but my mac was out of stock so i'm yet to see if i love it in person too!)

What are you lusting after right now?
Much Love, xx


  1. I really need Vegas volt for spring, I've had my eye on it for so long!
    Great Blog!

    1. aww thanks, it would be such a pretty spring colour i love it! x

  2. That nars blush is such a lovely shade and you can't go wrong with an UD neutrals palette!

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