Monday, 15 July 2013

Seaside Splash July Glossybox

Coming home from work to sit out in the sunshine and open up a brand new glossybox is an amazing feeling and this months box is so perfect for the amazing weather we've been having recently! The last couple of glossybox's haven't been too exciting for me but i'm not disappointed with any of the products at all this month! AND before i forget to mention it i loveee the pattern of this months box!

1) Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me, full size = £6.00

The first product i picked out was this Anatomicals face mist. Anatomicals seems to be a glossybox favourite brand recently and i have liked most of their products I've tried so i was excited to see this inside my box. I used it straight away since i was sitting in the sunshine and found it really refreshing. I expected the spray to be quite fine and well.. misty but it comes out in quite a thick spray so i would recommend holding it a good distance from your face. I quite like the scent which is "lavender and refreshing peppermint" and all the ingredients are good for your skin which is always a bonus! I'm not sure how well this spray would work as a makeup setter but i will definitely be keeping it in my bag during this hot weather although i can't help but wish i had gotten this before i went away to Majorca because it would of been perfect for the flight and hanging around in the hot airport! 

2) Essie Sleek Sticks, full size = £9.99

I'm really interested to give these a go! Essie is my favourite nail brand and so i would expect these to be really good quality. I've never tried foils or stickers before and would imagine they would just peel straight off but according to glossybox these last up to ten days. I received the pattern 05 a to Zebra which isn't really ideal for the summery weather as i would much rather wear a bright or pastel nail colour right now but i will keep these for when the weather dulls down. These come in a few patterns and i would of liked to have received the white ones with the writing over them but i can't complain if i like them i can always buy them myself! 

3) Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist, full size £23.00

I love this! One of my favourite things about glossybox is getting to try brands you have never heard of before as i would probably never have picked this up if i had seen it in store. I used this for the first time last night as i was going on a works night out and was running a little late, no surprise there, so didn't want to spend ages on my hair. I dried my hair till it was just a little damp sprayed some of this and scrunched my hair then finished drying it and sprayed a little more. I love messy hair and this did a great job giving me texture and volume and unlike other salt sprays i've tried it didn't leave my hair feeling dry or brittle!

4) Coola Organic Suncare Collection Mineral Face SPF 20, full size= 29.99

Another brand i haven't heard of but a perfect product for the weather right now. I will probably be using this under my makeup instead of my usual moisturiser since it has good spf protection and minimizes pores, can't really go wrong with a sun protection product right now and for the price of the full size version of this i would expect it to be good!

5) Sleek Pout Paints, full size 4.99

I have seen a couple of reviews of these on blogs before and they look pretty impressive so i was pleased to see them in my box even if the blue looks a little scary for a lip colour! I got the shades 162 milkshake and 163 peek a boo and from a quick swatch they are very very pigmented! They are designed to be mixed together but i'm hoping the milkshake pink looks nice when applied on its own to my lips! i hear the long wear factor of these is pretty good and even in my vast collection of lip products i don't have anything like this so i love the unique factor! 

Also worth a mention, buried at the very bottom of my box was this like green & black's chocolate. At the moment i'm not sure if this is a glossybox extra like they do quite a lot or just a wonderful mistake! I haven't seen anyone mention receiving a little chocolate extra and there is no mention of it in the magazine, strange! On purpose or not it was a nice surprise, who doesn't love free chocolate?!

What did you think of this months glossybox? If you have made a post please link me below i love seeing what everyone else got!!
Also did anyone else get a chocolate???

Much Love, Abby xx


  1. You got chocolate?! Ahhh jealous haha. It's a great box this month isn't it! New follower on board :-)

    Hels X

    1. hahaha! I know i have no idea how it happened but i'm not complaining i loved the whole box! Abby xx

  2. haha love the bit about chocolate. True who doesn't love free chocolate. Sitting on the fence about glossy box. Really want to subscribe but just not sure :S hmmm


    1. haha it really confused me that no else had mentioned it! Aww i really love glossybox i think you definitely get your moneys worth you could always buy a one off box and see how you feel after it! Abby xx

  3. The little chocolate was a lovely little extra :)

    I wish I'd got the Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me in my Glossybox.

    Nyss x

    1. It was definitely a cute extra! not gonna lie i've been using that spray non stop at night time in the heat we have just now!! if it stays warm i will repurchase it for sure! xx

    2. Do you put it on wet or dry hair?

      Nyss xx

    3. Do you mean the alterna bamboo spray? if so i used it when my hair was just slightly damp :) xx

    4. Yeah I did. Going to give mine a try :)


  4. Aw I'm so jealous of your box far better thank mine ;)

    1. i think i really got lucky this month! xx


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