Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Heat Protection

First off I'm really sorry for the shitty iphone photo but i really wanted to get a post up about this before i did my favourites for September because this is definitely in there!

When it comes to heat defence I've tried a lot of products from creams, shampoos and the obvious sprays but to be honest I was never really sure if any of them worked. Tresemme seems to be the most popular option of heat defence but I think I'm in the minority that doesn't like it; I find it makes my hair too wet and I never notice any difference in the condition of my hair after use. This is the first spray I've used that I see a clear noticeable difference afterwards.

I have been using this spray for about three weeks now on pretty much a daily basis and the ends of my hair look so much healthier! The spray is fine and therefore doesn't make your hair too wet so that it feels like your frazzling it with your straighteners like others.. *cough* Tresemme.
As well as improving the condition of my hair this also makes it feel soft, look shiney and smell amazing, honestly after using it for the first time I felt like i had just walked out of the hairdressers it really lives up to its "salon at home" name. I found the smell also lingered in my hair all day which i really love as to me it just made it feel clean and healthy.

The instructions say to spray liberally on damp hair which i do after towel drying but i also use this on those "inbetween wash days" if i'm going to be using hot tools to style my hair and it gives the same effects. The bottle also claims its safe for colour treated hair and even better against animal testing so I think this is fast on its way to becoming a regular repurchase for me.

The spray nozzle of this is the little fire extinguisher (probably not the correct way to describe it but you know what i mean right?!) like a lot of sprays however it can also be locked which i love because it means I can chuck this in my bag if I'm staying at my boyfriends and not worry about anything pressing against it and the product leaking!

The only downside i can see for some is potentially the price at £6.99 for 200ml it's a little pricey for a heat defence spray but i think this is definitely worth it and i'm willing to pay that little extra for a good quality product.

The link to this on the boots website is here if anyone wants to check it out!

Has anyone else tried this product?
If not whats your favourite heat defence product?

Much love, xx


  1. Hi Abby, great post! I'm really into products that don't test on animals, and I hadn't really found much hair products yet, so I'm happy you've enlightened me on this one! I may have to look in to more of their range. Does this product help tackle frizz? I'm after a frizz fighting product if you know of any! x
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. Hi Emma! I haven't tried it but i know that charles worthington have another product in their range which is an overnight healer i've heard really great things about it! :) xx


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