Saturday, 12 October 2013

FABB Glasgow

The amazing freebies we got at FABB!
Last Saturday I went to my first ever Bloggers event and I'm so happy I did! FABB events (Fashion And Beauty Bloggers) is organised by two bloggers Tor (That's Peachy) and Ray (Who is She) who did an absolutely amazing job of putting the whole thing together, if there is one near you I fully recommend going! 

I was so nervous about heading to the event alone but after some twitter stalking ( that sounds a lot more creepy than i wanted it to) I managed to meet up with a group of girls in central station, who were all really lovely, and we headed to the event at Fanneli's Italian Restaurant in Merchant Square together.

When we got there we were greeted by Ray & Tor and given an amazing goodie bag full of products to try out! As if that wasn't enough pretty much every company we talked to on the day handed out some freebies too! By the end I felt like a crazy bag lady lugging everything back home, not that i'm complaining!

The brands there on the day included: Mallzee, Cocoa Brown, Tropic Skincare, Crystal Clear, Lush, Appointedd, The Pokey hat and The Beauty Kitchen. There was also a digital guest book and Tammy from DIY nails was there doing amazing job on several bloggers eager to have their nails done!
The brands representatives were all so friendly and it was great to discover companies I had never heard of before especially The beauty kitchen which is an 100% natural company set up by a husband and wife duo and based in Glasgow. Along with some other goodies (including an amaaazing body scurb) they gave away a voucher to go along and have a go at making your own beauty product in their store which i will definitely be putting to good use!

Needless to say i was most excited to see Lush there being as obsessed as I am. It was great getting to hear all about their new Christmas releases this year and when i was in store a few days ago one of the girls recognised me from the event which was lovely!
I also really loved talking to a girl from Cocoa Brown - a fake tan originally from Ireland but that has just launched at superdrug in the UK! It smells amazing and I've already used it once and loved it so expect a review after i've got some more use out of it!

I barely remembered to take any photos on the day (I really am a terrible blogger) so to see some photos from the day check out the photographers facebook where there is a whole album much better than i would of ever taken anyway! Link Here.

All the girls I had a chance to meet and talk to on the day were so lovely and I have no idea why I was so nervous beforehand now!
I really hope there is another bloggers event in Glasgow soon and i would love the chance to see everyone again and hopefully chat for longer without having to rush off to work!

Cocoa Brown, The Beauty Kitchen & Eilidh from MaisyMeow getting her nails done!

Also I quickly want to mention that i set up a new twitter account seperate from my personal one so feel free to follow me @AnUninventive
Much Love


  1. Congrats at letting invited to go...if you did get invited...or did you just turn up? did you ahve to get invited? :o looks like you got some lovely freebies :D


    1. Thanks! I just had to email one of the girls that organised it and they sent me an invite! We really did I can't believe the amount of it! xx


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