Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lush Soot Ball Bath Bomb

I didn't think I would ever write a negative lush review but this is probably the first of their products that I have really hated.
Starting on a positive note it does look really cute and it smells amazing! The scent is quite spicy which I love, if you want the technical description Lush say it is the "burnt caramel scent of tonka absolute and earthy sandalwood" I don't have a clue what that means but it really was lovely and it lingered on my skin for hours after.

And on to the less positive...

In their description Lush say " Don't worry, Soot ball won't turn your water black." Emm was it just mine?? My water was completely black with the occasional orange swirl in it, it wasn't exactly pleasant to sit in haha ( the white was from some bubble bath i chucked in alongside)!
Also usually with lush bath bombs you can drop them in the water and let them fizzle away themselves but this one just sat at the bottom of the water like something lurking at the bottom of a swamp; I ended up holding it under the tap to get it to break up, hence the above pictures.
A few minutes in to the bath i ended up pulling the plug to get rid of most of the black and refill it with clean water and bubble bath. The black water was just making me feel dirty, it may be appropriate for Halloween but I can't think of anyone who would enjoy washing in black water. I was also paranoid it was going to stain my skin after seeing the state it was making of my bath ( and floor and tiles seriously it got everywhere!). I ended up bleaching the bath out straight after just incase it was left permanently black not really providing a relaxing bath environment.
Unlike other lush bath products I didn't notice any difference to my skin afterwards although maybe I didn't leave it in the bath long enough! Usually I can't get over how nice and soft my skin feels but not with this.
At £2.50 I'm not heart broken about wasting money but I definitely wouldn't buy it again or recommend it!

Maybe it was just me, Has anyone else tried this??

Much Love,


  1. Not sure i will try this one, who wants a black bath!

    Hannah Heartss

  2. I feel exactly the same way! I wrote a post on this one too (it's in my drafts because I don't like the fact it's a negative!) I hated how the bath bomb sunk and it was so horrible :-( xx

    1. I know how you feel! I hate being negative especially about lush usually i love their products! xx

  3. Love your blog, would you like to follow each other? Just let me know and I will follow u back

    1. Thanks! I don't do follow for follows but i will have a look at your blog :) xx

  4. nice :)

  5. i've never actually used a lush bath bomb (shock horror) and this one looks way too messy if i do decide to give them a try! love your last post btw, the porcelain doll make up is fab :) x

    1. whaaaat! you need to give one a try but not this one haha! aww thankyou that was my favourite one too! xx


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