Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Dark Romance Glossybox

I'm rarely negative with my glossybox reviews but this box was just one big disappointment! After reading the title of Dark Romance I was really excited to tear into this expecting dark plums, deep reds and smokey eyes but really I'm not sure any of the products fit the theme this month and I've noticed in my past few boxes that the themes may as well not exist anymore because the relevance is minimal! With October being the Halloween month I feel they could have gone all out and made the box a little bit different but no such luck.

First up I got this MeMeMe cheek and lip tint which is probably the only relevant product in the box this month. I have mixed feelings towards this brand, I've received a few of their items in previous boxes and although they are okay I've never been overwhelmed with their quality. This retails for £5.50 and is pretty similar to Benefits Benetint except when I swatched it on my hand it seems a lot harder to blend. Usually I wouldn't have minded seeing this product in my box but I think this about the third or fourth cheek tint they have sent me and really I'm not a fan! I would much rather use a cream or powder blush than a tint and I find using them on the lips just makes them dry and clearly shows off any imperfections!

Next up was a sample of Katy Perrys new fragrance Killer Queen. I think by now we all know my feelings towards receiving perfume samples. Ugh. Surely no one likes seeing these in their box!? You can pick them up at perfume counters or in magazines I don't want to pay for one! That said I do really like this fragrance (even if I had already smelled it in boots!) and will use it up, the whole two squirts that's in it anyway. The full size retails for £29.50 and comes quite a nice looking bottle.

Thirdly I picked out this Monu Illuminating Primer. I really like this brand and I love primers (weird statement but i do) so I was quite happy with this. The only downside is that it is illuminating and I prefer a matte look in the winter but I suppose that's personal preference and they can't please everyone! I will definitely use this up at some point though.

So this next sample pissed me off a wee bit Sachets? really. I can't believe they put sachets and a perfume vial in the same box. Its an illuminating bronzing product and although I will probably try this out it just feels like something that would come free in a magazine. Maybe I will love this and regret moaning about it but so far I'm not impressed. It also gives medium bronzing to the skin which makes me a little nervous as I'm so fair skinned that it could look ridiculously too dark for me. It retails for £29.95 available from the Vita Liberata website.

Last up is this Multi Vit Smoothie Serum from Premae. I know some may think of this as a sin but serum isn't really part of my current skincare routine. I don't know why it's just a step I always skip but I will definitely try and remember to add this before moisturising to give it a go. It also says you can mix this with foundation to create a BB cream and I love that it is all natural and cruelty free. Overall this is probably the highlight of my box but I can't help feel a little downhearted with the box in general.

Was anyone else majorly disappointed with this months box or am I on my own here?
Hopefully Glossybox step up their game next month because I'm really looking forward to the Christmas box after loving them in the past!

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