Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For Her...

I have been wanting to get some gift guides up for ages now, I seriously love buying presents so these are like my ideal posts but uni and work have pretty much controlled my life making me a terrible blogger! So I thought I would get the first of these up while i had a chance so here's some ideas for the ladies that range from inexpensive to expensive gifts!

christmas gift guide 1
For the girly girl.

Alexa Chung It book: This is already a hit with bloggers and I think any girly girl interested in beauty or fashion would love it. I love Alexa's style and this would make such a good coffee table book.
Pandora Princess Tiara Ring: Okay are we seeing this? What girl doesn't want to be a princess and since we can't all be Kate Middleton this is a pretty good substitute.
Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume: I love all Marc Jacobs perfume and I've been wearing this one a lot lately it gets a lot of compliments and I think its the perfect gift for any girl!
Soap and Glory Bubble Barralled Gift Set: Any of soap and glory's gift sets would make a girl happy on Christmas. All of their products smell amazing and the gift sets are pretty reasonable too.
Real Techniques Sams Picks: Real techniques is by far my favourite brand of makeup brushes, this collection is relatively new and has some of my favourites in it, all girls should own real techniques brushes! 

christmas gift guide 2
For the Cosy Girl

Lush Happy Christmas Gift Box: Of course i had to throw in a lush product at some point! We all know i love lush and i think this set would make the perfect gift its got all bath products perfect for the cold Christmas weather!
We're The Millers & Despicable Me 2:  Can't go wrong with a DVD, i struggled to think of some recent movies that most would love so i just threw in two examples of ones i have loved this year!
Boot Slippers: All the shops have loads of cosy slippers in right now! My favourite type are the boot ones just because i think they are cosier than normal ones and you can pick them up so cheap, these ones are just from Asda!
Yankee Candle Gift Set: Any candle lover will love Yankees they are by far the best and this set is perfect for this time of year!
Dressing Gown: I love this dressing gown its from Topshop and I would be pretty happy to get this myself. I've seen it in store and its so soft plus i love the colour!

christmas gift guide 3

For the designer girl...

Michael Kors Watch: I don't know how long I've dreamed of owning one of these. Usually I go for the plain rose gold one but i really love the black face this one has!
Mulberry Cashmere Scarf: I bet this feels amazing and I love the check pattern of it, very on trend right now.
Kate Spade Purse: Every time I see a girl with one of these I am instantly jealous. I know its just a purse and the price is purely for the label but i bet the quality is amazing too and its so prettttty.
Urban Decay Naked Three Palette: This has high priority on my wishlist, it's not out in the UK yet but is said to release some time in December and I'm sure its as amazing as the last two.
Chanel Lipstick: I would kill for a Chanel lipstick there's something about Chanel that is just so sophisticated and what girl doesn't love lipstick!

christmas gift guide 4

For the Gadget girl...

Juice Cube: I need to invest in one of these. Its a portable charger that works with a whole load of devices and is rechargeable. It comes in seven colours and for £25 I think that's a good deal that anyone with an iphone would appreciate!
Ipad Mini: Recently released this is probably going to be one of the best sellers this Christmas. I don't think this needs much more explanation!
Personalised Case: So many websites make these now just do a quick google search and loads will come up for any device. I think they would make a cute thoughtful gift for any gadget loving girl.
Camera USB: USB sticks don't have to be boring anymore i love this canon inspired one but you can get them to look like almost anything from pigs to lipsticks and even necklaces. This would make a great stocking stuffer.
Sims 4: Okay so this isn't out till next year but you could always pre-order it for them as a gift, the inner geek in me is very excited for this to be released.

christmas gift guide 5

For the Fitness Girl...

Storage water bottle: I think this is such a good idea especially for runners. Not only is this a spill proof water bottle but it has storage to store money, gym or bank cards and even your keys. A good gift for someone who doesn't like to carry a gym bag around and it comes in lots of colours!
Bose Sport Headphones: One thing that really annoys me is earphones that fall out your ears especially if you are a runner or gym junkie! I've heard amazing things about these earphones they are apparently amazingly comfortable and stay in no matter what!
Personalised Gym Bag: If i was a regular gym goer i would love this! You can have it personalised to say whatever you like and the bag itself looks the perfect size.
Insanity Work Out DVDS: I have these and they are honestly the best work out ever... if you can see it through to the end, its a sixty day challenge with amazing results any fitness lover would love these for a great work out!
Smoothie Maker: I've actually asked for one of these this year as smoothies are something i buy daily on the way to uni so it would definitely work out cheaper to make them at home! Smoothie makers range from really cheap to super expensive models so you could probably find one to fit any budget!

So that was my gift guide for the girls, I tried to include something that everyone would love despite their interests. I'm thinking of putting a few more of these up for guys, stocking fillers and maybe even kids i'm not sure let me know what you think!?
Also let me know what your favourite item from this list is or what your asking for for Christmas??

Much Love, xx


  1. I love how you've laid out this guide so differently to others I've seen. It's great how you've tried to cater for everyone :) Would definitely love to see more of these, thank you for some really great ideas! I especially love the 'For the cosy girl' gifts, not that I'd mind finding any of these in my stocking! Great post, look forward to reading more! L xo

    1. aww thank you so much such a lovely comment! I wouldn't mind finding any of them on christmas either haha! xx


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