Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide For him...

After making my Christmas Gift Guide for her (here) I knew I would have to make a male equivalent! So here's a few ideas of some possible presents for the guys in your life:

Christmas Gift Guide For him...

1) Soap & Glory Male Gift Set: I have no idea when soap and glory started doing sets for guys but if they are as good as the female ones then this should be a hit, especially if its for someone you don't know too well.
2) Butt Head Game: This might seem a bit random but honestly its hilarious. Both my brothers got this for Christmas one year and we were all cracking up watching them throw them at each other, everyone wanted a shot, recommend buying more than one though!
3)Beer Bottle Glasses: These are so cool. Made entirely from recycled bottles, would look right at home in a bachelor pad or any home to be honest!
4) Onesie: These are everywhere right now and really everyone should own at least one they are so super comfy. I recommend checking Primark out for some cheap ones but there are plenty online too.
5) Sweetie or Chocolate Hamper: My boyfriend got me a sweetie hamper as part of my birthday one year and I honestly loved it. There are loads available ranging in prices, anyone with a sweet tooth would love this!

Christmas Gift Guide For him..

1) Juice Cube: I mentioned the juice cube in my girls gift guide but it really is a unisex present! Charges a whole load of devices, available in seven colours and is rechargeable, whats not to love!
2)Console Games: I couldn't decide which to put in so here's three examples of games I think will definitely be popular this Christmas: Football Manager 2014, Grand Theft Auto Five, Fifa 14
3) Nescafe Coffee Machine: We have one of these in my house and it probably gets more use than the microwave or kettle we all love it! Perfect for any guy that loves coffee or even hot drinks this makes amazing hot chocolate too! 
4) Personalised Sports Bag: Okay I know this was also in my girls gift guide but again its definitely a unisex gift! Perfect for any gym goer or sports lover. 
5) A Classic Box Set: I bought this for my boyfriend last Christmas and honestly it gets so much use, we watch it all the time. Who doesn't love Friends?? But there are plenty of other box sets reasonably priced out there too just think of his favourite show and search it.

Christmas Gift guide for him

1) Breaking Bad Complete Series: This was definitely the most talked about show of the year. If you haven't seen this or heard about it where have you been!
2) Aftershave Gift Set: What one you choose is really on personal preference, but smellies always make a great gift. Personally I really like this Gucci one!
3) Bose Sports Ear Phones: Okay maybe I'm cheating because these were also in my last gift guide but they are being raved about right now! Especially perfect if your guy likes to run or go to the gym!
4) Kindle Fire HD: Whether its for reading, gaming or searching the internet most guys would appreciate a kindle, my boyfriends literally never off his we even have it connected to our netflix.
5) Tickets!: These are always exciting Christmas gifts! Look up his favourite comedian or band and see if theres anything coming close by next year.

Obviously I could of gone one up with more expensive presents like the new xbox, playstation or ipad but I think if you had the cash you would already be considering those! Hopefully this gave some of you a couple of ideas I always struggle buying for the guys in my family over the girls!
Let me know if you liked any of these ideas!

Much Love

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