Sunday, 15 December 2013

Barry M Glitter Nails

I'm finally finished all my coursework for the year and although I have exams in January I'm free for just now and I'm making the most of it and getting excited for Christmas! and really whats a more festive nail polish combo than glitter...

I've been wearing this combination pretty much religiously lately and I absolutely love it.
The colour Amethyst Glitter is a gorgeous mix of multi-coloured glitter flecks that overall show up a bluey- purple shade. Lately (and in the above pictures) I've choose to wear it over Barry M Navy but it can be used on its own and built up with a few coats for an opaque finish.
The finish is pretty matte but if that's not your thing a clear top coat can be layered over easily. As for the wear of this I was really impressed, the second photo was taken after three days and it was still relatively chip free (yay!).
The only down side is it's a bit of a bitch to take off but that can be expected with any glitter polish really.

The polishes can be bought from Boots for only £2.99 (Link Here) which I thinks a pretty good price... but maybe I'm biased because I really love Barry M when it comes to nails.

It feels so good to have gotten a post up again I have been drowning in essay writing recently so I'm happy to get back into the blogging world again now! (or at least till my exams, yuck.)

Is everyone else as excited for Christmas as I am??

Much Love


  1. i'm really not excited for christmas yet :( maybe a glitzy nail varnish will help...amethyst glitter looks like a lovely shade x

    1. aww really!? I'm the exact opposite this year, only nine more sleeps!! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I can keep dreaming! some of them are so gorgeous x


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