Sunday, 31 August 2014

Oatifix Face Mask

Surprise, surprise more Lush reviews! This is the third Lush face mask I have tried and I have kind of mixed feelings about it.

The Good
  • This seriously smells good enough to eat. Honestly I would happily munch this down for breakfast...well I wouldn't but if I was desperate I probably could considering the ingredients are things like oats, banana and almonds! It leaves your craving porridge. 
  • It works as a gentle exfoliate and leaves your face feeling lovely and soft as well as moisturised as there is no tightening feeling like some other masks.
  • Its very refreshing and hydrating, especially when taken straight out of the fridge. 
  • I got a good four uses out of mine and I am very generous with the amount I use, someone who uses less could probably stretch this out to more but I thought for the price that was pretty good!
  • The usual good Lush things, all natural, no animal testing etc etc...
The Bad
  • It is so ridiculously hard to apply to your face! The consistency means it tends to fall apart/off your skin straight away so it takes a generous amount of product and time to get some good coverage going on. 
  • Washing it off is a bit more of a task than with other masks, it falls away in chunks easy enough but I found it left my bathroom sink looking a bit like someone had just spewed up their porridge (sorry). 
  • My skin is prone to breakouts and I didn't notice this product help that at all. However I should also mention it didn't make it any worse but it also didn't seem to calm the skin as did leave it very soft though! 

For me, to be honest, the pros still outweigh the cons. I know if my skin is a little dry this would be a great product to reach for as it is definitely hydrating and moisturising. This said, I'm in no rush to run out and repurchase it straight away, definitely a once in a while treat for me.

You can buy or read more about what Lush have to say about Oatifix here.

Much Love

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Little Mac Haul

I recently treated myself to some Mac goodies after I got given, very generously, some money on a mac gift card for my birthday which I was so excited to spend! (Also I promise I will stop talking about my birthday soon).

Honey Love Lipstick: I couldn't buy Mac goodies without buying my favourite product, lipstick. I have a very sad story to tell about this, I have worn this once, last Saturday, on a night out and managed to lose it :(. Even worse is that I absolutely loved it especially with this lip liner (more on that later). Honey Love is a matte finish ( it was my first one) and I really liked it, I was worried it might be a little drying but I didn't notice at all.. that one time I got to wear it... Its a lovely nude colour that I think is perfect for day or night and it's not too pale that it looks like foundation lips!

Melba blush: I absolutely LOVE this, I have never owned a blush that I have loved as much as this one in my life. I have only ever owned one other MAC blush before which was Dame but I prefer this one by far. It gives a lovely peachy glow for daytime wear but can be built up easily for heavier coverage in the evening. Because I'm so pale I sometime struggle to get blushes and bronzers that suit me but I feel like any skin tone could wear this and it would still look gorgeous, the other day at work I was told I looked ambient paha! Strange compliment but I'm sure it was because of this blush! 

Boldly Bare Lip Liner: Recently I have discovered a love for lip liners, it's something I never used to bother with but now find myself reaching for all the time. I picked this one up on a whim hoping it would go nicely with honey love (it did) but I've also been wearing this on its own or with MAC's Jubilee or Creme Cup lipsticks and it goes lovely with both of those for day and night. This definitely makes my lipstick last longer and give it a more polished finish than on its own, if like me you weren't into them before I highly recommend going and grabbing a liner my collection seems to be growing fast!

Has anyone else bought anything recently from MAC or tried any of these I love reading MAC posts, I have an unhealthy obsession! 

Much Love

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lush Loving...

Are we enjoying my very original title, my creativity astounds me sometimes! If you read my last post about my 21st I  mentioned that I got quite a lot of Lush goodies (people clearly know me well!) so expect to see even more Lush than usual on here, who knew that was possible! 

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

Lush bubble bars never disappoint and this one wasn't any different. Like always you definitely do not need to use the whole thing in one go I broke mine into two but you could probably get away with just using a little chunk at a time and still getting mass amounts of bubbles.
It's probably self explanatory that this one turns your water a gorgeous blue colour with the bubbles being "white fluffy clouds" hence the very cute name.
If you are looking for something relaxing then this is definitely your guy. Lush describe the scent as having an exotic hypnotic fragrance caused by the Patchouli, Frankincense and Cinnamon Leaf oil. That all really doesn't mean much to me but it definitely gives off a strong warm scent that can't help but make you relax.I'm looking forward to using this again on a day where the weather outside is horrible and I'm ready for a night of jammies and Netflix, perfect. 

I was expecting this to be blue when I pulled it out its box but was surprised by the bright pink and green and since being on the Lush website I've learned it actually comes in four colours. I should have split this up to use more than once but I was a bit lazy and just shoved the whole thing in ending up with a very large amount of bubbles which lasted the whole bath. Unlike other Lush products the water remained clear (ish kind of milky) which surprised me considering how bright the bar itself was but it also left my skin so soft and moisturised and left the scent lingering all night. The scent itself was very refreshing apparently according to Lush it is "a blend of citrus oils, bergamot, lemon and mandarin" the citrus smell definitely comes through and I really enjoyed it but I don't think I will be in any rush to repurchase this one, purely just because I think Lush has a lot better more exciting things to offer!

Twilight Bath Ballistic Bath Bomb

I was so excited to get this, it's one I have wanted to try for such a long time as it seems to be on everyone's favourites and I can so see why, I love it! This broke in half easily so I got two good uses out of this and they were both amazingly relaxing. I would definitely recommend using this in the evening, the scent isn't overpowering and I was worried that because it was lavender (not a fan) it would put me off this but I never even noticed it. There was a little glitter throughout but it doesn't leave you shimmery or any stains in the bath (win!). I loved the bubbly colours this left in the water it was so pretty and girly and I will definitely be purchasing this one again for myself!

Another bubble bar, yep I really like bubbles and this one gave mass amounts of them. This is another I had heard a lot about but hadn't actually tried for myself, I managed to split this into three and I've only used it once so far, it's another citrus-y smelling refreshing one so I would recommend it more for day time use than before bed as it was more energising than relaxing, well to me anyway! The water goes a pale orange colour with this bar but again no stains in the bath and it gives a very moisturing after feel. The scent of this one is very strong and made both me and my bathroom smell great for ages!

I hope you like Lush posts cause trust me there will be more coming in the future! Let me know what your favourite Lush product is?

Much love