Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Little Mac Haul

I recently treated myself to some Mac goodies after I got given, very generously, some money on a mac gift card for my birthday which I was so excited to spend! (Also I promise I will stop talking about my birthday soon).

Honey Love Lipstick: I couldn't buy Mac goodies without buying my favourite product, lipstick. I have a very sad story to tell about this, I have worn this once, last Saturday, on a night out and managed to lose it :(. Even worse is that I absolutely loved it especially with this lip liner (more on that later). Honey Love is a matte finish ( it was my first one) and I really liked it, I was worried it might be a little drying but I didn't notice at all.. that one time I got to wear it... Its a lovely nude colour that I think is perfect for day or night and it's not too pale that it looks like foundation lips!

Melba blush: I absolutely LOVE this, I have never owned a blush that I have loved as much as this one in my life. I have only ever owned one other MAC blush before which was Dame but I prefer this one by far. It gives a lovely peachy glow for daytime wear but can be built up easily for heavier coverage in the evening. Because I'm so pale I sometime struggle to get blushes and bronzers that suit me but I feel like any skin tone could wear this and it would still look gorgeous, the other day at work I was told I looked ambient paha! Strange compliment but I'm sure it was because of this blush! 

Boldly Bare Lip Liner: Recently I have discovered a love for lip liners, it's something I never used to bother with but now find myself reaching for all the time. I picked this one up on a whim hoping it would go nicely with honey love (it did) but I've also been wearing this on its own or with MAC's Jubilee or Creme Cup lipsticks and it goes lovely with both of those for day and night. This definitely makes my lipstick last longer and give it a more polished finish than on its own, if like me you weren't into them before I highly recommend going and grabbing a liner my collection seems to be growing fast!

Has anyone else bought anything recently from MAC or tried any of these I love reading MAC posts, I have an unhealthy obsession! 

Much Love


  1. I'm definitely going to have to keep Melba in mind, it sounds perfect! xx

    1. I would definitely recommend it, its gorgeous! xx


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