Sunday, 31 August 2014

Oatifix Face Mask

Surprise, surprise more Lush reviews! This is the third Lush face mask I have tried and I have kind of mixed feelings about it.

The Good
  • This seriously smells good enough to eat. Honestly I would happily munch this down for breakfast...well I wouldn't but if I was desperate I probably could considering the ingredients are things like oats, banana and almonds! It leaves your craving porridge. 
  • It works as a gentle exfoliate and leaves your face feeling lovely and soft as well as moisturised as there is no tightening feeling like some other masks.
  • Its very refreshing and hydrating, especially when taken straight out of the fridge. 
  • I got a good four uses out of mine and I am very generous with the amount I use, someone who uses less could probably stretch this out to more but I thought for the price that was pretty good!
  • The usual good Lush things, all natural, no animal testing etc etc...
The Bad
  • It is so ridiculously hard to apply to your face! The consistency means it tends to fall apart/off your skin straight away so it takes a generous amount of product and time to get some good coverage going on. 
  • Washing it off is a bit more of a task than with other masks, it falls away in chunks easy enough but I found it left my bathroom sink looking a bit like someone had just spewed up their porridge (sorry). 
  • My skin is prone to breakouts and I didn't notice this product help that at all. However I should also mention it didn't make it any worse but it also didn't seem to calm the skin as did leave it very soft though! 

For me, to be honest, the pros still outweigh the cons. I know if my skin is a little dry this would be a great product to reach for as it is definitely hydrating and moisturising. This said, I'm in no rush to run out and repurchase it straight away, definitely a once in a while treat for me.

You can buy or read more about what Lush have to say about Oatifix here.

Much Love


  1. I kind of find that putting on certain Lush facemasks can be quite challenging, like the Sacred Truth mask had peppercorns or seeds of some kind which kept on falling off when I put the mask on. But the masks all smell so good they're worth it!

    1. Aw really I've never tried that one! the two I had tried before were a much smoother consistency so I was surprised with this one but I totally agree the smell makes it worth while! xx

  2. This is my favourite lush face mask purely because of the smell! I agree it doesn't do an awful lot in comparison to other masks but its still a winner for me :)

    1. Exactly! the smell is just so good was so tempted to eat it haha! xx


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